Tuesday 27th September 2016

We lodged Emma’s passport application this morning. Another step closer to our trip away! I really need to give some thought to what we ought to do and see when we’re there.

I took Emma and Jericho over to Steve and Jean’s this afternoon to ride the pony. Their neighbours are horse people, and after they heard about Caprice giving me trouble when I was riding her out of the paddock last time they said we were welcome to use their ménage. Jean has taken Caprice over there and lunged her, and then on the weekend she went over with Charlotte and they did some more lunging and Charlotte rode. So today it was our turn, although the weather kind of ruined it! We got her saddled up and walked her around to the neighbours, but by the time we got there it was really raining, so we wound up just staying under cover in the stable until it finally stopped. Jean lunged her, and then Emma led Soren around for a little while before she had a ride herself. I was going to have the next turn but then the rain came back with a vengeance, so it was back into the stable for us. This time the rain showed no sign of stopping, and as it actually started getting heavier as we waited we ended up leaving the pony in their stable and Peter drove us home, which was very kind of him.

I went through Emma’s wardrobe with her this afternoon. I’ve come away with a garbage bag full of clothes to pass along, and Emma’s come away with some very empty drawers and hanging space! It wasn’t any surprise though, most of her clothes have been looking progressively skimpier as winter wore on and I knew hardly any of her summer things would fit. At least now I know what I have to buy for her. Going through the boys’ clothes will be the next task, and I’m pretty sure they’ve all grown a lot since last summer so goodness knows how much I’ll have to buy between all four of them.


One thought on “Tuesday 27th September 2016

  1. Never fear!! I too have been thinking about our trip. I’ve remembered the existence of a place in Java that I haven’t seen yet, but am dying to. If is ridiculous however. And I also got us three tickets from Sydney to Melbourne, so that’s another thing we don’t have to think of or worry about. Just need now Melbourne to Sydney + whatever internal tix in Indo.

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