Sunday 25th September 2016

The painting is finished and apart from the kitchen curtains the house is put back together again. It looks like someone else lives here.

I even replaced the canvas storage boxes with the baskets today. And it was the end of an era – the storage boxes along the bottom row of the tv unit that have held toys since the day we bought it have been cleaned out, and the toys are gone. A couple of things I’ve put aside to take down to mum and dad’s place, and the Little People and all the wooden Thomas train tracks and accessories have been crated up and put into the shed for safekeeping, but the rest of it went into the donation bins out the back of the office. What toys the kids still play with can be kept in their rooms now, so for the first time in fourteen and a half years our loungeroom is a toy-free zone. (Okay, apart from the bucket that has the dog’s toys in it.) And really, it’s a bittersweet moment…I love to watch them grow, and I celebrate every milestone and am happy for them with every gain in independence and confidence and ability, but god, there are times when I miss my babies. There was so much that was beautiful about that time in my life, and every day it falls further and further behind me.

Anyway, when I wasn’t being astonished that my children are actually growing up, today was pretty productive. I woke up early – actually I haven’t been sleeping in at all these holidays, which is absolutely unheard of for me, truly bizzare – and started in on doing things. We were supposed to be going to Great Nana’s for a family working bee, but I was too angst ridden about my own messy house to go and clean someone else’s, so Troy took the kids and left me home on my own. Which was probably good really, as that way everyone got done what they needed. The kids helped with the cleaning there and had fun with their cousins, so they didn’t mind about going. And they were all home by after lunch, so no one had to miss out on their computer or Wii turn, which is what they really care about.

I did some knitting too, on a little sweater that will form the body of my puppet. I think I should knit more doll clothes honestly, it’s so quick and gratifying and tiny sweaters are pretty adorable.

My puppet heads are less than adorable at the moment though. They are weird alien shaped things, with giant staring eyes and no mouths. I used acrylic eyes that I got from Spotlight (the same ones I’ve used in my crocheted toys) and I’m not sure it was a good choice…they’re actually rather frightening. I am hoping that when I add hair that their appearance will improve, otherwise they will be more the kind of thing to give children nightmares, rather than enhance their puppet play at school.

Nicholai finished creating his Grand Final footy record today. He’s going to take it to Troy’s office tomorrow and get it printed, and then start hawking it about. He has emailed Dad who has apparently got him promised sales from his office, so he’s off to a good start. He assures me it’s an impartial document too, without a supporter’s bias towards the Bulldogs.



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