Thursday 22nd September 2016

I finished painting the loungeroom today and I really like it. There’s some dodgy finishing here and there (I would not be scoring highly if I were on The Block, put it that way) but it just looks so fresh and new, I love it. I’ll take photos once I’ve put the room back together, and swapped out the canvas storage for the new baskets.

I started on the kitchen, doing the easy bits over the sink and the bench. The kitchen won’t take that long really, between windows and doorways and cupboards and the dresser (which I’m not going to move) there aren’t actually that many walls. I was thinking today how it feels like it’s going much quicker than when I painted last time, but that’s because I’m not doing the ceiling. With all the beams running through our ceiling that took forever, and I don’t think it matters that I’m not redoing it now.

Emma had an orthodontist appointment this morning. Last time we went he was happy with her mouth and said she didn’t have to wear her retainer anymore, and I kind of thought we were done with everything. Today he was less happy with her teeth – that eye tooth is still coming down but now it’s started pushing the tooth beside it back and he thinks that maybe it won’t have enough room. Damn it! He didn’t really say much more than that so I don’t know what it will mean. I think she might be too old for another round with the expander, so maybe it will be more braces or something. Taking out a tooth to make room? I don’t know. It’s just disappointing (and potentially very expensive!) when I thought we were basically finished.

We went to Officeworks for magazine holders, to Big W to collect some photobooks and to Woollies to buy some fruit and spaghetti on the way home. I had all the kids with me which could have been horrific, but they were pretty good. They all like Officeworks – Jericho gave me advice on magazine holders, Nicholai played Crossy Road on the display phones and Emma and Soren spent the whole time testing out the pens.

I had said I’d watch Charlotte and Sophie today, so once we were done shopping I called Steve and he brought them over about five minutes after we got home. They’re no trouble really, but my god the house gets so LOUD when you add any extra kids! I swear the noise level quadruples, completely out of proportion to the number of extra children. Apart from the noise, having them here was fine. They all played in Emma’s room with Barbies and Little Petshops in the morning, then played on the Wii after lunch, then went outside on the trampoline and played trampoline dodgeball with Soren and Jericho. April came and picked them up about five.

It’s one of those things though, I totally don’t mind having them here but I really, really object to the way Brett tries to manipulate the situation. If he came right out and said, “I really need childcare for the girls on X date, can you possibly help me out?” I’d be a lot more likely to say yes, and go out of my way to make it work. Instead he is always like, “Charlotte and Sophie really want to go over to your place and play with Emma and I was thinking Thursday would be good.” Like…don’t bullshit me! Just ask! Ugh.

Jericho’s friend Rylan is coming over tomorrow morning. And see, that is happening because Aimi texted me and said that they’re going away, and her mum is going to look after Rylan but can’t come until the afternoon, so could he possibly come here in the morning? So I totally said yes, drop him off anytime, we’ll give him breakfast if he hasn’t eaten, no problem. So much simpler. And hopefully he and Jericho will have fun – last time Rylan came over he got sick and I had to call his nan to come get him, so I suppose it can’t go worse than that.

My day will probably consist of painting. And cleaning. And organising. And papier mache puppets. This is possibly the most exhausting school holiday ever.


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