Wednesday 21 September 2016

The painting continues. It is such hard work and I feel so slow – my wrists hurt too much to use a roller so I’m painting the whole thing with a paintbrush. I am also working in sections because I don’t want to pack up the room completely. However despite all that, I am very happy with it because it looks lovely! I have nearly finished the loungeroom, I just have a small section above and to the side of the front window to do. I haven’t been able to get to that because it’s where the computer is, but Troy said he would move it for me tonight.

It hasn’t been that bad doing it with the kids around either. They are really good about not messing with any of the painting stuff, and they just climb over and around furniture without any drama. They’re even quite useful in helping me to spread out dropsheets and pick up dropped paintbrushes!

Although I don’t think any of them like the new colour that much. Soren said flat out, “I don’t like this, we should have kept it yellow,” and Jericho exclaimed, “What are you doing? Grey is the most depressing colour there is!”

They all had a sleepover at Steve and Jean’s place last night. Jean picked them up after she finished work, just after lunch, and I have never been so glad to see the back of them in my whole life. They were HORRIBLE yesterday morning! They all played Monopoly, which sounds like a lovely way for siblings to spend some time together getting along…NO! It was the loudest, most obnoxious game ever. Even when they weren’t arguing or making someone else cry they were incredibly loud and hysterically over-excited about everything. Listening to them was excruciating. I know that they usually take a couple of days to settle in to the holidays and adjust to spending so much more time together, but yesterday was really bad.

Troy and I didn’t do anything particularly exciting with our night alone. Honestly I was just way too tired and covered in paint to do anything that required thought – I picked him up from work and we went to Big W to collect a couple of photo books, then ended up buying some new underwear because Bonds was on sale for 40% off. Then we went to Bunnings for more sugar soap for cleaning the walls before painting, and baskets to replace the canvas cube storage boxes we’ve been using in the lounge room. We ate tea at Nandos, and briefly contemplated going to the movies just because we could, but then I thought I’d fall asleep if we did that so we came home and I did another coat of paint. Truly exciting stuff.

I don’t know. Troy and I don’t get a lot of time alone without the kids, and I always feel as though we should do something special when the chance arises. But really, I just like hanging out with him! I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything much by staying home and spending time together here. It’s nice to eat out, and I admit I do enjoy going to watch the UFC with him on occasion, but it’s not like I get bored with him here at home. I don’t know. I guess I don’t really write about him that much in my journal, because it just feels redundant – how many times can I say how much I love him and how much I love our life together? We will have been married for fifteen years in December, and that is still one of the best and most right decisions I have ever made.


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