Monday 19th September 2016

I began my painting project today, and it did not get off to an auspicious start. I hadn’t even started painting when I managed to slip and fall off the ladder! I was just climbing down from having cleaned the wall! But I scraped up both my forearms and bruised my shin on one leg and my thigh on the other (because I apparently love variety in my wounds?). As I crashed off the ladder in one direction, it tipped and fell in the other. Fortunately it fell exactly into the only space in the room where it wouldn’t hit furniture or crush a child, so at least there was that stroke of luck.

The painting went reasonably well after that. Well, except for the bit where I dropped the paint stirrer onto the kitchen floor and had to go mad cleaning up all the splatters before it dried or the dog walked in it or something. But I got two coats painted on the wall that leads to the kitchen and I definitely think we’ve made a good choice on the colour.

I was actually really productive today, which amazed me, but it felt so good to get so much done! There were the two coats of paint, shopping, changing beds, going through photos (I’m collecting together photos I have of all four kids together, from the first ones with Soren in them to now, and will hopefully put a photobook together of them), clearning the laundry, and puppets.

The children and I all went to Spotlight in the morning. The intention was to buy glue (for us to make puppets over the holidays) and eyeballs (for the puppet I’ve been making) but of course we came away with more than that. We got some paint, some wire and pipe cleaners to make wings, and some green novelty yarn for the swamp monster puppet Soren and Jericho intend to make over the holidays.

We stopped at the op shop on the way home. I hadn’t planned on doing that, but they have a pretty good book section and I thought the kids might find something to read. Jericho, Soren and Nicholai did, Emma didn’t but she didn’t seem to mind. I also got lucky with the kids’ clothes – I found a pair of jeans and a jumper in Jericho’s size that looked barely worn, and another pair of new looking jeans for Soren. Soren’s are technically girls’ jeans, but if I hadn’t looked at the tag I wouldn’t have known. They have a slightly flared leg, but they’re a basic denim with basic metal hardware and they look fine.

We went to the pet shop that’s next door to the op shop, and I had to refuse various children’s pleas to buy a turtle, a bearded dragon, a rat, a guinea pig, a rabbit, two quail, a lovebird and a cockatiel.

I painted after lunch, but when I was washing the brushes in the laundry the sink wasn’t draining properly so I had to Drano that. It then occurred to me that there was a good chance that the sink was blocked by dryer lint, since my laundry-in-a-cupboard is basically full of it, so I thought I should probably clean that up. Which took a surprisingly long time – I mean it’s all in a cupboard so it’s not exactly huge or anything, but there are a lot of little nooks and crannies and there was a LOT of dust and lint and cobwebs. Honestly, when it was all gathered into a pile it was like a small, furry grey animal and I am thankful that it never caught on fire.

After cleaning the laundry I sat down with Emma, Jericho and Soren to start making puppet heads. Soren decided that rather than work with Jericho on the swamp monster he’d make his own little puppet, which I was kind of glad about. The two of them are actually very good about sharing and working together on things, but craft is harder to share, even just in terms of both having space to manouver. Anyway, it all took ages, and Jericho’s anxiety about every single aspect of it was really no less than it was when making puppets at school. He just seems totally unable to relax about any of it. He’s stressing out about it not being good enough, and everyone else finishing first, and how hard it is, and whether he should stop now or keep working…it just goes on and on and on. He really lacks self esteem and is constantly seeking validation, and I don’t seem to be able to do anything to help him strengthen his own inner resources.

Anyway, that was the first day of the holidays and it went pretty well. I think the puppet project will be something fun for us to do, and painting the lounge and kitchen is going to keep me busy. Nicholai is keeping himself occupied by loudly expounding upon his opinions to anyone who will listen (or actually, not listen…he just keeps talking) and making up a grand final footy record that he plans to sell to anyone who’ll hand over a dollar for a copy.


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