Saturday 17th September 2016

There is so much laundry. SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY. I used to think that as the kids got older there would be less – no nappies, no bibs, no leaky nappy accidents, no toilet training accidents, no needing a new shirt after every meal, or after every hour because someone’s drooling is out of control. But no. Maybe they change clothes less frequently, but their clothes are so BIG and take up so much more room in the washing machine/ dryer that I’m doing more washing than ever.

Apart from the million loads of washing, today was quite good. The weather was beautiful – I love days like today where there’s lots of sunshine but it’s still cool. Troy had work this morning, and his parents had offered to take the kids over to the RACV to play in the pool (they have a giant inflatable thing there on the holidays) so I actually found myself on my own for a couple of hours, which I was not expecting for the first day of the holidays. I watched a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black and finished knitting the legs for my puppet. And folded laundry.

I painted part of a wall as well. Since we’ve decided to go with the grey paint I thought I may as well use up the little sample pot. I have also given Nicholai the task of working out the surface area of walls to be painted in the living room and kitchen, since he is certainly more capable of such things than I am. It was funny though, he was trying to work out the angle of the ceiling and I said to him that he didn’t have to be absolutely exact and he just gave me this look of incredulity…like, what is the purpose of maths if not to be precise?

I made candles this afternoon, which I haven’t done for ages. My last batch of candles was not very successful, as nearly all of the wicks ended up just bending over into the melted wax, or breaking off so low that they couldn’t be lit, so I think that probably discouraged me a bit. Hopefully the ones I made today are better. They certainly smell beautiful, although making four candles with different scents at the same time made for a completely overwhelming scented atmosphere in the kitchen – I had to open the door for some fresh air.

Troy and I went out this afternoon to buy ingredients for tea and some food for Luna. I still worry a lot, but I’m feeling a little bit more confident about the children being at home alone. Nicholai is fourteen and a half and Emma will be thirteen in less than two months, which is certainly old enough to use a phone if there is a problem. And really, Jericho and Soren are pretty sensible and don’t actually need very much looking after.

I’m also putting more photobooks together. They are still on sale at BigW ($10 instead of $28 for a 20 page softcover photobook) so it seems sensible to do then now rather than when they are full price.


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