Friday 16th September 2016

Today was the last day of term 3, which kind of has me reeling. The next two weeks of holidays will go by fast, and then it will be October and we’ll practically be ready to start preparing for Christmas. Also my birthday, whereupon I will be 39 and that is almost FORTY AND HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???

I didn’t care when I turned thirty. But forty is a different matter entirely There is no room in my sense of self for me to be FORTY.

Anyway, today was fine. I spent most of the day at home, thinking I should be making myself useful by doing housework, but in reality just writing, knitting, and enjoying the last time I’ll have a quiet house to myself until after the holidays.

I finished the puppet’s cardigan, and the great thing about knitting for a puppet rather than a person is that I didn’t have to weave in all the ends and make the inside of the cardigan all tidy, and instead of sewing on puppets I just stabbed some nice blue stick pins through it. It’s all going to be glued to the puppet head and the other clothes, so it’s only the look of the outside that matters. I put a photo of the cardigan on Instagram since it was knitting, and I’ll definitely put photos of the puppets up on my journal once they’re done.

The children finished school early, and I was up there earlier than that for the assembly. I was glad I went, because Jericho and Soren both got awards for the film night and it’s nice for them to have someone there to see them. (One kid from each of the movie groups got an award, and Jericho and Soren got them for their groups.) Soren also got a mathletics award, which astonished me. The teacher said that everyone does mathletics, but these awards were sent from the mathletics company to people who really do extra well at school and do some extra at home, blah blah blah…Soren has never done mathletics at home! Not even once! And only about four kids got these mathletics certificates, so he must just do it like a gun during school time.

All the parents were supposed to stay after school to move mulch, but I decided to brave the judgement and leave. The finger that I hurt when I fell down the steps on Saturday night (which caused me to miss the working bee on Sunday) is actually still somewhat sore. Mostly it’s fine, but it aches occasionally and if I touch it it really hurts. I actually wonder if I did crack the finger bone. Nothing to be done about it if I did, but I though shovelling mulch around the playground wasn’t really the best idea under the circumstances.

Nicholai had a cricket registration night up at the bowls club tonight. It was $5 for all you can eat, and we told him that he had to use some of his pocket money and pay for himself. He was horrified that we were making him spend money! He argued about it! His complete astonishment that we expected him to pay for his own social outings out of his pocket money, instead of being able to spend it all on footy records and Steam vouchers was hilarious. And crazy, because when we increased their pocket money and opened bank accounts for them to use we told them that’s what it was for! Between having to pay for his own dinner and buying an umbrella to replace the one he lost on Wednesday I think he’s feeling quite hard done by and poor today.

Actually, he’s still not home from the cricket thing. I suspect he’s sitting up at the bowls club watching the Bulldogs play Hawthorn in a final. There’s less than a goal between them…Nicholai will be on the border of hysteria. Much as I can’t really muster up much emotion about football in general, I would LOVE to see the Bulldogs win a premiership, just so I could watch Nicholai as it happened.


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