Thursday 15 September 2016

It was my last day of teaching for the term today, and it was a nice easy one. I did folktales with everyone except the prep/1 class, and with them I did another number game with Hayley observing for my teacher registration project. This one was a monster drawing game – I gave them a sheet with an oval drawn on it to be their monster’s head/body, and each number was assigned to something to draw on their monster, (eye, mouth, nose, leg, arm, hair, ear). I pulled the numbers out of a hat and said it in Indonesian, and the kids then drew the corresponding body part. In the end their monsters had three eyes, two mouths, one nose, four arms, three legs and two ears and a whole pile of hair, and were all so cute and funny. I hung them up on the wall so everyone can see them.

Since tomorrow is a shortened day for the last day of term they had swapped their puppet classes to today. I couldn’t join in with Soren’s class because I was teaching then, but I stayed for Jericho’s class. It was the last day for papier mache, and some kids who had already finished that part began the painting. I didn’t have my puppet head with me, since I hadn’t known it would be today, so I added some more paper and glue layers to the puppets of a couple of children who were away so that they’ll be ready for painting next term.

I might take mine back for painting, but I think I’ll make most of the body at home. I started knitting limbs and then I decided I might as well knit a little cardigan instead of just simple arm tubes, and use that as the basis for the body.

Today was the three-way conferences at the high school, so Nicholai and Emma had the day off. I was still teaching the first class when Emma texted me to tell me that she had a rash all over her. It’s the first time I’ve ever texted during a class, as I tried to work out what we should do about it. She wasn’t really itchy, but the rash was all over her and she doesn’t really have a history of skin rashes, so in the end Troy came home from work and took her to the doctor. He said it looked like an allergy, so they went to the chemist and got some antihistamines. She’s had a couple of doses of those now and the rash looks a little bit better.

We went to the conferences, much to Nicholai’s disgust, but it really went fine. Honestly, we have some concerns about Nicholai’s ability to organise himself but mostly we’re really happy with the way the kids are going at school. They’re getting good marks and seem to be enjoying a lot of the work they do, so going today was really just to meet some teachers and make sure it’s all going well. And for Emma, having her there while the teachers said nice things about her and how well she behaves and what a pleasure she is to teach and how well she’s doing is a good boost for her confidence. Really, I am just so lucky to have such lovely and smart kids!


2 thoughts on “Thursday 15 September 2016

  1. Happy holidays!! Well done on a great term, you have done well and I think all your teaching sounds really interesting!! I how you all have great holidays. We are all so tired I am
    Looking forward to having lots of quiet (if that’s possible with my 3) at home. I love you Rebecca and am proud of you!!
    Love Elle
    Ps it is only about 5 months till you go to Indonesia isn’t it?? The way time is going it will be here in a flash xozo

    • Thank you!
      Teaching has been quite good this term. I get super frustrated with it sometimes, but mostly because of the kids, ha ha ha!
      I hope you have a good holiday. I know what you mean about being tired, I think all of mine are ready for a little rest and break from school. If you’re ever looking for something to do over the holidays, we could always try to work something out to get together.
      And yeah, we leave for Indonesia on January 31st. I have been thinking about what we need and where we might go and i don’t know whether to be excited or scared!

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