Tuesday 13th September 2016

The children have devoured a litre of maple syrup in a week. What were they doing, drinking it by the cupful???

I fell over again today, slipping on the mud in the driveway and landing hard on my ass and my elbow. I have totally jarred my shoulder and I’m feeling like the most uncoordinated person on the planet.

I did a little bit of work on my puppet at home today. I’ve done the last layer of papier mache on the head, started knitting her arms (or legs), and made some little hands. The hands suck and I might not use them, but I’ll see how they look coming out of the knitted arm tubes. The kids at school are going to need more help with their puppets as we get to creating bodies and working out how to make them puppets instead of toys (strings, rods, gloves etc) so I think I’ll probably end up making most of mine at home.

The boys and I also went through the fabric we’ve collected and they chose what they wanted to use for their puppets, which was kind of amusing. Soren picked some blue and brown yarn for his hair, purple for a shirt, some blue for pants, a checked fabric for a hat, and some white pleather for a lab coat. Jericho chose some red, black and white stripes for a shirt, some bright green for a vest, some black velvet for pants, some silky blue for a scarf, and some white feathery yarn for a moustache. I can’t wait to see what their puppets look like when they’re finished. I’ve picked things that are pink and sparkly, but so far I’m not very inspired about what to do with it all. I’ll keep thinking.

The high school have their three-way conferences on Thursday. Troy and I have not gone to these things previously, but thought we ought to, to perhaps get some insight into Nicholai at school (since he tells us nothing) and just to check up on Em. Nicholai is appalled. He’s so horrified that he even tried to say I couldn’t go since I go to work on Thursdays, and he looked devastated when I said we had made the appointments for the afternoon. Honestly, I have no idea why the idea bothers him so much! Really, he seems so against us going that I have to wonder if he actually has something to hide!

I’ve spent all day contemplating the test patches of paint on the wall and I’ve decided I like it. Yes, grey has the potential to look institutional, but it’s not a dark steel grey or anything that we’ve chosen, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to look fine. It’s actually called ‘grey pail’ and it’s on the Dulux website, although now that I’m looking at it on the computer and then looking at it on the wall it seems kind of different. I think I’ll paint it on the school holidays. I won’t have any planning or whatever to do, and the kids are old enough that they should be able to obey the simple direction of “don’t touch!”


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