Saturday 10th September 2016

Emma’s hockey team won the grand final last night! 3-0, so it was a great win for them. She came home exhausted, but wearing her grandfinal medal and with a smile that just lit her up. I love her so much, and I’m so happy that she’s found this sport that she really enjoys, and had the experience of doing so well with it.

Although I had to laugh, even though I felt a bit guilty, because they’d finished the game, and all the girls were celebrating and their goalie somehow managed to fall and dislocate her kneecap! Poor girl. Although we got an email from her dad today (who is also the team manager) and he said that once she was in the ambulance and they gave her one of those breathing anaesthetic thing she relaxed and it just popped back into place by itself. So she’ll be sore for awhile but there’ll be no lasting damage, and at least she has a premiers medal to cheer her up!

Troy took her to the game last night. They weren’t playing until 8pm, which would have been way too late for the little boys to be out, so I stayed home with them. Troy’s grand final game is on Monday, and then we’ll be done with hockey for the season. Although Troy and Emma have both mentioned summer hockey, so I guess we will see about that!

I had a nice day with Jericho and Soren yesterday. I had planned on taking them to the lake to catch pokemon, but the weather was completely uncooperative and any plans to spend time outside had to be dropped. They watched a bit of tv in the morning and then played with their lego (they’re continuing to build their town – Rick the teenage detective now has a bus stop outside his shopfront and they just built a school and an adjoining playground) and then we drove to Bunnings. We needed to buy a latch for the guinea pig hutch; one of them escaped on Thursday, and although I’m pretty sure this was caused by Jericho forgetting to close the door properly I wanted some kind of latch or bolt to make them more secure. While we were there Jericho and Soren each chose a little succulent plant for them to keep on their windowsill. Both of them have been plant monitors at school and quite enjoyed watering the plants and taking care of them, and wanted to keep this up at home.

I let them buy sausages for lunch from the Bunnings sausage sizzle. Steve and Jean were actually running it (RSL or the Vietnam Vets, I can’t remember) so the boys thought it was great to buy sausages from them. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about feeding them and cleaning up after them, which is always a bonus.

I ended up going back to Bunnings today though. Troy and I have chosen the colour we want to paint the lounge room/ kitchen, but since it’s grey and I’m not necessarily all that confident in the choice (I mean, it’s grey) we decided to get a sample pot and confirm that it will look good before we paint the whole thing.

We went to Officeworks too, to buy some more folders to put our dvds in. I’ve transferred all our dvd movies to those plastic pockets (space for the dvd cover insert on one side, space for the dvd on the other), but we underestimated how many plastic pockets we’d need, and really underestimated how many folders we would need to hold all the plastic pockets. But it’s all done now, and there’s now enough room on our dvd shelf (which mum made for us a few years ago) for all our tv series on dvd to sit in their boxes.

Strange thing about all that was that Troy and I went by ourselves. None of the kids wanted to come, and I wasn’t really all that keen to be dragging along the unwilling. I love going out with just Troy to do those mundane things – it’s still so new that it seems like a really enjoyable novelty.


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