Thursday 8 September 2016

I taught today and it went really well. The kids loved playing the magnetic fishing game, which was great. I had Hayley come in and observe me with the preps, since that is my focus for my teacher project, and that was good too. I was nervous, just because the idea of being observed and assessed always makes me nervous, but it was fine. She sat up at the table with her computer (and Angus came too, so he and Luna just kept licking each other under the table, it was cute) and I was on the floor with the kids so it really just felt like a regular class. And it made me realise that I actually AM quite confident with my teaching, especially with the little ones where there are not as many discipline issues. We talked afterwards and she had some good things to say, so it was really quite positive in the end. I need two more observations, so I will try and get her to come again next time, then Sharon can do it once when she’s back next term. By which point the preps will hopefully know all their numbers and we can all move on!

I was watching youtube vidoes of Indonesian folk tales with the big kids. They thought some of the animation was pretty funny, and some of the older boys clearly felt themselves far too old and superior to be interested in anything so childish, but generally speaking it was a good class. Hopefully it will give them some ideas about folktales and how they can use that style of storytelling to make up a puppet show.

I didn’t write about it yesterday, but there was a very awkward moment at puppet making. During recess the puppet lady, me and another mother who always helps (she is an artist herself, so I think that’s why she’s there) were talking. They were talking about their husbands, and the other mum was saying how her husband is in to politics, and he ran in the last election as an independent. The puppet lady said how good it was to have independents and asked about his policies, saying, “As long as he’s not like that terrible Pauline Hanson with her awful ideas!” The other mum then said, “Oh no, he’s not like her…well, he does agree with a bit of what she has to say.” Ha ha ha…SO awkward! I also just went and looked at his website and yeah, an “Australia first” racist ranting type. I hope she doesn’t bring him up again, because what can you say to that?

The kids had a film festival at school tonight. All the grades have been making short films, so they showed them all together which was great! The youngest grade made a stop-motion animation based on the Jeannie Baker book ‘Window’, and Soren’s grade also did stop-motion animation based on Nadia Wheatley’s ‘My Place’ book. The middle grades did a story with some kind of moral – Jericho’s group did one about a wizard named Jim and the saying “Look before you leap”. The older kids did something involving the idea of stereotypes. I was really impressed with them all honestly, I love it when the kids get to do big projects like this.

Jericho and Soren have a curriculum day tomorrow, so it won’t be my usual quiet Friday!


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