Tuesday 6th September 2016

I’m making a magnetic fishing game to play with the preps and 1s on Thursday, so I’ve spent the last three hours cutting out paper fish. My hand is killing me.

But the game is going to look great! I copied a cute outline of a fish and then opened it in photoshop to size it, colour it in (each fish in different colours) and add a number from 1 to 20. I printed them out and then reversed the fish and redid the number and printed them out again, so I can make the fish double-sided. I’m going to laminate them (and then I’ll have to cut them out again, oh god I could cry) and then put a paperclip on each one. A magnet on a string and we’ll be good to go. It is taking hours, but it’s one of those resources that once I make it I’ll be able to reuse it, and being numbers it’s something that we can review pretty regularly. I’m sure the kids will like it.

Really, I spent most of the day on the computer playing in photoshop. Before I even got to the fish game I made up some photograph quotes to print out and put in the frames on the dresser. I love the result, but it took a while to choose the photos, the quotes, and then put them together.

The three boys had haircuts after school. I told Nicholai to go straight to the hairdresser after he got off the bus, and Soren, Jericho and I would meet him there after I had picked them up from school. We’ve done this before and it’s worked fine, but today by the time I got there with the little boys Nicholai had been and gone. Which should have been okay, except Nicholai told them to cut off as little as possible and it looks like he hasn’t even had a haircut at all! I am so mad! We have been on and on at him about his personal hygiene lately, and his hair is a big part of it. He just doesn’t want to do anything with it – he doesn’t wash it or brush it or style it or have any particular vision of how he wants it to look. So I told him until he actually knew what he wanted to do with it and was prepared to wash, brush and style it, it was going to be cut short so at least it wouldn’t look so dirty and gross all the time. It seems he didn’t agree with that, since he’s basically not even got a haircut at all!

I really am shitty with him! And I always swore I didn’t want to fight with the kids about hair. Honestly, when it comes to their hair the kids can wear pretty much whatever style they like that fits within school rules. I might not like it, but they can do it! I won’t pay for expensive dye jobs or the maintenance that would go with that (not that anyone has ever asked) but we’ll pay for regular haircuts and styling products if they want them. So their hairstyling is really up to them…AS LONG AS THEIR HAIR IS CLEAN! I cannot stand dirty hair, the way it looks and the way it smells and the way it feels all just gross me out completely. I am so sick of having to tell Nicholai to wash his hair all the damn time!

And in the interests of fairness, Emma is not all that self-motivated when it comes to washing and brushing her hair either, so she is kind of on probation in regards to growing her hair into the longest hair in the world, which is what she currently wants to do. If she doesn’t shape up on the brushing and washing frequency then a big chunk of her hair has to go. Her saving grace is that when she’s told to wash or brush it she does it without complaining, it’s just getting her to use her own initiative that I’m pushing. In all honesty though, her hair is so thick it’s practically impossible for her to manage. I mean, even I have trouble with it – I was doing a plait in it the other day and the three sections of hair were so thick that it was hard to hold them in just my fingers.

Jericho is growing his hair out, which is a decision that somewhat surprised me. So his haircut today was just tidying up the ratty ends while we wait for the rest of it to grow long enough to catch up.

Soren just wants his hair short. “Short back and sides!” is what he cheerfully told the hairdresser when he sat down, and that’s what she did. He looks lovely.

He can be so funny. I love the way he uses words. The other night at tea we gave the some uncooked baby corn, and he was very sceptical as he ate it. However once he was done he said, “That corn is cold and flavourless…we should have it again.” Apparently flavourless is good, as it means it’s non-offensive.

He and Jericho were talking in the car on the way home about people at school. Jericho was telling me about his friend, who “mostly plays in the pine forest now. He’s raising an army of kids from Soren’s class and teaching them to fight with sticks.” I was laughing about that and Soren was talking about the kids who were joining the army, “…R joined because he’s her brother, and B joined because he’s kind of mindless…” It’s such a mean thing to say, but he said it so thoughtfully and was honestly shocked when I pointed out to him that it wasn’t kind! He explained that he meant that B does what other kids tell him to, rather than thinking for himself.

This whole conversation loops back to Jericho not having things to do at lunchtime and recess. One friend is still playing football, and now the other one is busy with military manoeuvres in the pine forest.


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