Monday 5th September 2016

I’m trying to keep up with the house a bit better recently, as that’s something I’m generally not that good at. It’s funny, I used to think that I’d get SO MUCH housework done once I had the house to myself on a regular basis, but I honestly spend less time cleaning now than I used to when I had little kids at home. Back then they made so much mess that I was constantly in cleaning mode, and they also spent so much more time playing on the floor that I was really conscious of grime I guess. Now it’s a lot easier to promise to do it tomorrow and let it slide!

But I do like the way the house looks when it’s all clean and tidy, and it has inspired me to think about painting the lounge room again. I did it five years ago, and I guess I’m getting a little tired of the yellow. I think this time we’d go with something a bit more bland, something more neutral and grown up. I would also want to replace the coloured canvas boxes in the cubes of the tv unit with baskets, but there are sixteen cube spaces and the baskets are not cheap. It will probably cost less for the paint than the baskets actually, but doing those things would really change the look of the room.

I went to the lake to walk the dog and catch pokemon this afternoon. I ran into April there, with Jay and her two little boys. They were catching pokemon too, so I walked around with them for a bit. I always feel like that relationship is so weird. I mean, the way she came into the family (in terms of Brett being married and all) and some of the things she’s said about the kids (Brett and Rachel’s kids) are…well, not good. And Troy and I just do not understand anything about the way April and Brett think about things. But then in the moment, she’s quite nice and we get along reasonably well, so whatever. Anyway, it was a great pokemon catching day, I caught two new ones that we didn’t have before, evolved another new one, and managed to get my lapras (who is named Rebecca Junior – Jericho and Soren have been renaming the pokemon and so now we all have a junior or equivalent, ha ha ha) a place in a gym.


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