Sunday 4th September 2016

Happy fathers’ day! I spoke to Dad this evening, and the kids and I had a good day here for Troy. We went to the Pancake Parlour for breakfast and gave him a card and some chocolates. Troy and the kids went to see his Dad this afternoon and took him a card as well.

It’s just been a really nice weekend, honestly. Troy had to work on Saturday, which I never enjoy, but with no hockey it wasn’t really much of a bother. The kids get their own breakfast and watch tv until Good Game Spawn Point finishes, and then turn it off and get on with their day. Well, Emma never gets out of her pyjamas, but that just seems to be the way she is at the moment!

I helped Jericho clean out his guinea pigs’ hutch. Charles has long hair and the fur over his butt was kind of sticky and a little bit matted, so I cut off the little matted part and then we ran a little bit of water into a plastic tub and gave him a bath. It was so funny! We were kind of expecting him to hate it and squeal and try to escape, but he didn’t seem to mind it at all at first. He drank some, and kind of skittered around in the water without seeming at all disturbed. He didn’t like it as much when Jericho was pouring water on him, and by the time we were rinsing him off he’d begun to try and leap athletically out of the tub, which for a guinea pig that appears at first glance to have no legs and no neck was pretty funny.

Troy and I went for a walk to IGA in the afternoon, which was lovely with the sun. It’s still kind of new and novel to leave the kids home alone, and even though it’s only a walk to the shop to buy something for tea, I really appreciate being able to actually have some moments alone with Troy these days.

Apart from the walk it was really lazy. We watched the first Hobbit movie, the kids had turns on the computer, and no one did anything productive at all.

Today we had breakfast at the Pancake Parlour, which was as delicious as always. It’s SO expensive though! Omg, now that all the kids eat adult portions of everything eating out is killer. I now remember fondly when they were little enough that all they needed was some chips or a few bites off my plate!

We went to Big W afterwards. I wanted to look at photo frames, because I want to actually put something decorative on my kitchen dresser and since I don’t have (or want) any china photos seemed like a good choice. I also wanted to see if I could get Emma another couple of pairs of shorts like the ones I bought for her at the other Big W store. We found some denim ones, and a pair of ¾ quarter leggings as well. I did ask her if she minded the longer length shorts – I mean, they’re hard to find so obviously short shorts are the fashion, and if she had a strong preference for being in fashion then I would have taken that under consideration. She didn’t care at all though, so I guess I can just continue to buy her whatever I want.

It was the first time I’ve been to Eastland since they did their massive redevelopment. Big W and the Pancake Parlour are still in the same place, but I had no idea what was going on in the rest of it. It feels a lot more like Chadstone now, with big sections of designer places. We found ourselves in a tiny little arcade walk through that had stores so fancy I felt guilty for even walking past them.

After Big W we went to Costco, which the children were less enthusiastic about. There weren’t even any samples, although at least with everyone being on the point of explosion from giant servings of pancakes no one was actually asking for treats. We were home by lunchtime, then in the afternoon the kids finished paying their poker chips while I had a nap. While I was asleep Troy took the kids over to his mum and dad’s place to give Steve his fathers’ day card, and they got home just a little after I woke up.

I’m reading The Exorcist. It has a reputation as being the scariest book ever written, and I can see why.


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