Friday 2 September 2016

How do I motivate teenagers to do their homework? I was always motivated by perfectionism and a terror of failure…even if I could instil those traits in my children I wouldn’t want to, but at the same time I DO wish Nicholai was a bit more concerned with school!

I finally finished going through all my photos today. I’ve deleted hundreds – I really have to be more selective about what I initially keep. Of course I’ve kept thousands and thousands, probably way more than anyone except me will ever want to look at, but I don’t care. I love them – my little ones were so funny and cute.

It reminded me that I started putting together photo books for each of the kids though, one for each year of their life, so that they will have those to look at whenever they want. They each have about four done, so there’s still a lot to do! I was taking it kind of two at a time (because they’re not all that thrifty to actually print out), and I did it via Officeworks because they were cheap, and had a downloadable editor. That meant I could put the books together and only have to upload the finished product, rather than having to upload a hundred photos at the start. I stopped doing it because Officeworks stopped offering the downloadable editor and wanted me to upload my photos to work on them, and I didn’t know if I would be better off with some other company. I began looking into it again today, but I’m pretty frustrated. It seems like everyone wants the photos uploaded and then the book created with the online editing program, and with our shitty internet (crappy internet plus horrible new router that has ruined everything) it is taking hours to even upload the pictures before I can work on creating a book. The other thing that is driving me nuts is that none of them will allow me to look at what background/ borders etc they offer in their editing program unless I upload all my photos first, so I don’t even know which one I will want to use until I have waited a couple of hours for my photos to load.

I spoke with Hayley today about my teacher registration project, and I feel a lot better about it now. I know I was freaking out about it because of the way the requirements of the process and the criteria for success were written up, but Hayley has a lot more experience with that kind of department verbiage and once we were actually talking through it it all made more sense. I still think the whole thing is not the most valuable or useful kind of task, but at least I feel confident now that I’m on the right track. I’m not feeling like I’m going to either burst into tears or be sick at just the thought of doing it anyway.

I did puppets with Soren’s class after my discussion with Hayley. The puppet lady cut my puppet head in half to pull all the stuff out from the middle today, although it was probably a bit premature. The idea behind doing that is to make the head hollow, so it will be really light. The aim is to have enough papier-mache layers on before you cut it in half that it’s very strong and won’t get misshapen from the sawing or banged in when you try and papier-mache it back together again, but not have so many layers that sawing it in half is too difficult. Mine didn’t really have enough layers so it got a little bit dinged about during the sawing process – hopefully once it’s all paper-mached back together again I can smooth it out and shape it a bit better. Although after doing mine and a couple of the kids’ puppets, the puppet lady said that maybe she wouldn’t cut them in half and get the middles out, maybe they’d be fine as they are. I guess if I can’t get it right, perhaps the young children will have a more difficult time than expected? I don’t know, I felt a bit discouraged with the puppet making thing today. Although I really do enjoy being in the class, talking to Soren and the other kids about what they’re doing and what they are planning to do with their puppets. As a group they’re an impossible one to teach, but there are some really nice kids in there and it’s lovely to be able to do something different with them.

I didn’t do puppets with Jericho’s class. They had two hours last week so they weren’t going to do it today, but they had a tabloid sports day and weren’t at school anyway. Jericho said the sports were quite fun, they had rotations of non-competitive games and then some competitive group games as well. He was disappointed that his team made it to the final in a few things and then didn’t do well, but he said he enjoyed it and that’s not usually something Jericho says about sports days.

I came home after puppets and kept sorting through photos. It made my heart hurt in that good way when I saw my sweet little ones and remembered how it used to be. It’s so intense, having babies and pre-schoolers – I remember being so utterly enmeshed with them. It changes as they get older, without you even really noticing it’s happening. I still love them, utterly and completely, but as they get older loving them means letting them move away from me.


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