Thursday 1st September 2016

I love the reaction of kids to our van if they haven’t previously been in one. Jericho is part of the Green Thumbs gardening group at school and today they were having an excursion to a local garden so I volunteered to drive. The little girl who came with us was astounded at how big the car was, it was pretty funny really.

The garden itself was absolutely beautiful. It’s crazy, I drive right past it four times a day as I drive the kids to and from school and I’ve always thought we should go and check it out, but we just never have. I really enjoyed looking around it today, and Jericho and I agreed that we should take Troy and the other kids there one weekend. If we wait another few weeks until we’re further into spring it should be even more amazing. The kids today were actually going there to get some ideas about garden design and what they might plant in the ‘bird attracting garden’ they’re going to plant, so they were all busy taking photos on the tablet computers and talking to the people showing us around. I loved all the garden art too – they had the most amazing metal sculpture of a praying mantis, it was fantastic.

Going to the garden made my day seem really long though. I taught this morning (which went quite well, I was really happy with how all the classes were today) and then I just stayed at school and helped supervise until it was time to leave. We spent quite a long time at the garden before I drove them back to school, so by the time I got home I only had time to eat lunch before I had to go back to school for assembly.

At assembly this afternoon they awarded prizes for the costume parade yesterday, and Jericho won one! He was really happy, and I was pretty pleased too – it was really good for an entirely homemade costume. He got a $10 voucher to the book fair, which we went straight to the office and spent after assembly. He chose the book that follows on from the one that Soren chose when I let them buy a book yesterday, so they’ll both be able to read it. It’s so lovely the way they share things. I mean, they certainly fight more than I’d like them too and Jericho does have a bad habit of speaking to Soren like he’s his slave, but they really like so much of the same stuff that they’re quite happy to spend time playing and talking together. I really love watching them – because we only had one boy in our family I guess I’ve never really seen the whole ‘brothers’ thing in action like I am now.

Troy has lent Soren his Kindle, so now Soren is lying curled up reading on an e-reader. It makes him look oddly grown up.


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