Wednesday 31 August 2016

Jericho and Soren had a great time with their costume day at school. Jericho made me laugh so much, I was pinning up his toga and I said, “There you go, that should work.” Jericho said, in tones of utter self-satisfaction, “Yes. I really am fabulous, aren’t I?”

He loves his beard. He told me this morning that he might wear that beard until he can grow one of his own.

I stayed at school to watch the parade, then I went and had a haircut. I had her shampoo my hair, which I hardly ever do, but it’s so blissful I wish I could do it three times a week. They have massaging chairs to sit in while they wash, and then she was doing a lovely head massage as well. So nice. I had quite a lot of hair cut off, it’s about shoulder length. Nothing exciting there, although it is so sleek and shiny after the hairdresser straightening it all, I wish it always looked that way.

I sat in the sun at the park for a while, reading and catching Pokemon, and then came home and did my planning for tomorrow. It took ages, my brain is like cotton wool at the moment. Hopefully it all works out when I actually teach it tomorrow.

IMG_8010 IMG_8013 IMG_8028 IMG_8030 IMG_8041


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