Monday 29th August 2016

After crushing my dreams of making a good costume yesterday, Jericho gave me a huge hug today and told me it was a great lightning bolt and that he was excited about being Zeus and that he thanked me very much for making all his things. He really is quite empathetic, both Troy and I have commented to each other about how he will come back to us later on a lot of things and apologise, or thank us, or explain why he reacted in a certain way but now he understands. It’s really lovely actually, that my emotionally volatile child is becoming emotionally very sensitive.

He and Soren finished making Soren’s shield today, so the only thing we have to do is google instructions on how to wrap a toga and we’ll be ready for book day. The book fair was set up in the office at school today, and both of the boys have come home with wish lists of books that they want to buy. I might let them buy one each, despite the thousands of books they have access to at home already we can always use more primary-aged-boy-oriented fiction.

The weather was gorgeous today, so I thought I’d make the most of it and go for a ride. It didn’t work out at all well. I don’t know what was wrong with Caprice but she was so naughty – she wouldn’t walk and she kept jogging and prancing sideways and going all goggle-eyed at the traffic and then doing rodeo horse moves to try and throw me off. Astonishingly I didn’t fall off, but I was pretty much terrified and I do not think I have the nerve to deal with that kind of thing. It has completely put me off- for various reasons I was pretty ambivalent about the riding anyway, and this has really made me think that I do not want to do this. So, we shall see.

Troy is playing in the first hockey final tonight. If he wins he’ll have next week off and then play the grand final the following week, if they lose he’ll play next week for the second chance. I want him to win – imagine next week if he and Emma both have it hockey-free, I’ll have him home every night!

Although really, it’s quite nice having evenings to myself sometimes. I’ve got some more Orange is the New Black to watch and some cookies and cream ice-cream in the freezer, so it’s not exactly like I’m suffering or anything.


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