Sunday 28 August 2016

Children really do have a way of crushing you sometimes. I made Jericho a lightning bolt this morning (for his Zeus costume), and when he came in and saw it he immediately said, “That’s weird! It’s not supposed to look like that!” I told him that it was the best I could do, but if he didn’t like it I totally wouldn’t mind if he tried making one that more fit his visions. He thought about it for a while and then said that mine wasn’t all that bad, and he would just use that one. Once I explained that we’d made it that way so that he could grasp the middle section and then point it at people when he was cursing and smiting them, he became much more enthusiastic.

I made a cardboard shield for Soren’s costume of the boy from Beast Quest. Well, half made it – I’ve cut out the cardboard shape and put elastic loops on it so he can hold it. We have a big sheet of project card that I’m going to cut to the same size, then Soren and Jericho are going to draw the items that the shield is decorated with on that and then glue it onto the cardboard to cover up the elastic looped through it. (And to cover up that the shield is actually made from a cardboard box that previously contained a shower organiser). We started talking about what clothes he’s going to wear, and Soren showed us an illustration in the book where the boy was wearing a shirt laced at the neck. For some reason I was unable to discover, Troy actually owns a cream linen shirt that laces at the neck…so weird. Anyway, he brought it out and put it on Soren with a belt to make it a tunic (and to provide a handy place for carrying his sword) and it looks great.

I don’t know. Beards and wreaths and shields and swords and togas and tunics…we’re putting a lot more effort into this book week dress up day than we did last time, when I bought them all Camp Half-Blood t-shirts and called it done.

Anyway, after making those this morning Troy and I took Soren and Jericho out shopping. Jericho had birthday money to spend, and since Soren just had to come along he brought some money too. Nicholai went to the oval because they were hosting all the junior football grand finals, and Emma stayed home so she could play on her ipad and stay in her pyjamas (she mostly doesn’t get dressed on weekends if she doesn’t have to these days).

It was a good trip. Shopping with the kids can be kind of fraught sometimes, between children getting completely worked up and overanxious about making the ‘right’ choice, to them getting upset about not having enough money, to arguing because they both want the same thing. But today Jericho and Soren managed quite well. Jericho bought a Lego set at Kmart (since part of his birthday money was a ColesMyer giftcard) and then at Big W they both bought a box of Pokemon cards.

I bought some shorts for Emma at Big W, although she’ll have to try them on to see if they fit. She’s at that awkward crossover point of girls’ and women’s sizing in clothes, so I’m not very confident about just going and picking something up for her. But these particular shorts were pretty much exactly what I wanted for her for Indonesia, so I thought I may as well take my chances. I can always take them back.

We also went to Officeworks to buy the card for Soren’s costume and to buy some A5 size folders for our new dvd storage system. We’re putting all our dvd movies in A5 pockets (the dvd cover in the front, the discs in the back) and then putting the pockets in folders. The folders will take up much less shelf space, and will give us enough room to have all our tv series on the shelves in the cases they came in. Better than the somewhat precarious stack on top of the shelf unit that they’re currently in anyway.

I don’t know where all this organisational mojo came from, but I kept it up this afternoon and got Troy to clear off the dresser while I sat at the kitchen table and helped/gave opinions while I put the covers and dvds in the pockets. Our dresser is big, and the amount of shit we manage to pile up on it is embarrassing. It makes our kitchen look so junky when the dresser, which is the largest thing in the room, is covered in crap and I always love the few occasions where it gets cleared off and we can admire what a nice piece of furniture it is!


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