Wednesday 24th August 2016

There is not too much else that evokes the same level of futile rage in me as non-working computer things. I think because I can do absolutely nothing to even attempt to fix it – if things go wrong all I can do is turn it off and turn it back on, and that’s it. Apart from that, I just have to rely on Troy to fix it. It’s worse too when he’s just done something to “fix” it or “improve” it. Like now- last week we had reliable internet and I could print from my computer, and we had two children who were constantly sneaking their ipads and phones during off-times. I was informed that a new router could be set with timed parental controls for the children’s devices, and so one was purchased. Now I have unreliable internet, a computer that can’t connect to the printer to print out my stuff for work tomorrow, and two children who still have constant access to the same (albeit now unreliable) internet that I do!

Although something that possibly came close to being that annoying was the way Soren threw a hissy fit this morning because he “didn’t have a school jumper!” And then, when I forced him into his room, he found one folded up in the drawer right where you’d expect it to be. And then Jericho found another one of his school jumpers just sitting on top of his bag. Honestly, it would save a lot of hassle and drama if I could just duct tape Soren’s clothes to his body.

I’m still going through all my old photos. I’m up to mid 2011 now – my kids were so little and adorable! (Although I really wish I’d taken them to the hairdresser more often, they keep looking all shaggy and neglected.) But Soren and his beads, and Jericho in his Harry Potter glasses, and the way they wore wizard cloaks out shopping and always had Harry Potter lightning scars drawn on their foreheads with texta! Oh my heart.


Okay, I wrote that this afternoon, but while I was out at hockey training with Emma Troy fixed all the printer issues. So now I have no room to complain.

And really, it was a pretty nice day. I did most of my planning this morning and then went for a walk with Jean, which was quite lovely in the sunshine. I finished my planning off this afternoon, then went to hockey training with Emma (and hatched a Lapras in Pokemon Go on the way). Came home to a very quiet house with all other children asleep, had some tea, and now this. So, it was good.


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