Monday 22 August 2016

I’m still going through my photos. I’m working my way backwards and have reached the beginning of 2012 – I am pretty amazed at how many photos I actually took and how long it’s taking to go through them. I’m so glad I did take them though. My kids were so funny and beautiful! It’s fascinating to look at the photos all together like this, and be able to see how their personalities were expressed two, or three, or four years ago.

It felt like they’d be little forever; that we would always be that family with babies or toddlers or pre-schoolers. But it’s like it changed when I wasn’t even looking, and now we’re a family with schoolkids and those baby and toddler years seem a long way away. It was only four years though…four years from now I guess I’ll be looking at my teenagers, and wondering where all my schoolkids went.

Time is really kind of crazy.

Troy is away at hockey tonight. It’s his last game of the season but they’ve done well and will play in at least one final. I’m crossing my fingers that his hockey t-shirt lasts the final games without completely falling apart, but I’m doubtful. Although now that I think about it, he has been wearing this hockey t-shirt since before I met him, so he has probably played fifteen seasons in it or something. No wonder it needs to be replaced.

I made Jericho a beard and wreath today, for his Zeus costume. It took hours. Not that I’m complaining, it was quite fun to watch multiple episodes in a row of Orange is the New Black while constructing it, but I was a bit surprised by how long it actually took. I crocheted a base for it, and then I cut a million long bits of yarn to hook onto the base. I then braided the moustache bits so that they go to the sides rather than covering his mouth, and braided a big chunk under the mouth just to make it look fancy. It actually looks pretty awesome, as far as fake yarn beards go! It attaches to the leafy wreath that he’s going to wear on his head, so it will stay put on his face for as long as he needs it to. We just need to make him a lightning bolt and then wrap him up in a toga on the day and he’s good to go.

He’s funny though, he’s rather concerned that people are just going to go in any old costume, rather than dressing up as an actual book character. His friend has said he’s going as Ash from Pokemon, and Jericho does not approve of this at all. (“It’s a game! And a cartoon! Not a book!”)


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