Saturday 20 August 2016

Well, buying the new router and attempting to set up timed internet access for the children’s devices has resulted in an internet that randomly refuses access to anyone. I should have known this would happen…any time we do something that’s supposed to make our technology ‘better’ it always makes it worse! Seriously, I don’t know why we haven’t internalised that yet, and just stop messing with a good thing.

So besides random internet outages, today was okay. Troy had to work so Soren and I took Jericho to his last hockey game. They won, which was a nice way to finish the season, and his coaches even gave them all a present which lovely of them! They gave them each a little lunch bag with a sandwich keeper (with candy in it) and a drink bottle in it, and told them that they would have no excuse for forgetting their water bottles next season!

We went to Spotlight on the way home to pick up things for their book week costumes, since they’re having a character costume parade in a week and a half. Soren wants to go as the boy out of the Beast Quest book he’s reading, so he needs “raggedy clothes” (which will come out of the wardrobe – being the third in line for boy clothes in our family means that he has an embarrassing number of items that qualify as raggedy!) and a sword and shield. I haven’t read the book, but Jericho has and he said he could help Soren make an appropriate sword and shield. They’ll have to make the shield, but we found a sword at Spotlight today. Although I might have to get some duct tape and cover up the grip- it is a “Spooky Sword” sold as part of their Halloween stuff and is shaped like a skull, which Soren doesn’t really like. The shield we’ll make out of cardboard I guess, I’m sure there’s some old moving boxes out in the shed we can cut up.

Jericho will need cardboard too, to make a lightning bolt since he has decided he’s going to dress up as Zeus. We bought some calico today to make him a toga, and some fake ivy to make him a leafy wreath for his head. We also bought a couple of balls of grey yarn and I’m going to make him a beard. I had a look on Ravelry and I think I basically crochet a beard and moustache shape that fits over his face and then just hook lengths of yarn onto that, cutting it into shape once it’s all done. I’m hoping that I can attach it onto his wreath so that it sits securely on his face for the time he’ll want it on there, but we’ll have to see.


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