Wednesday 17 August 2016

This morning I went horseriding for the first time in years (and years and years and years). It felt very strange, honestly. At first I just felt really insecure, and like I was in imminent peril…how was it I used to do this and not feel afraid?!? But Caprice is lovely, and although I am definitely NOT any kind of Olympic equestrienne, we managed well enough. I led her up to the house yard to get her ready, and then rode her down the driveway and out along the highway to the reserve, around the oval a couple of times, and then back home. Caprice did really well – she’s been up in Toolangi being used as a lesson horse for the last few years, so she’s really inexperienced at being ridden outside a ménage. But today I was asking her to walk out along a highway with traffic (it’s a really wide grass verge so we’re not all that close to the cars, but even so), past a couple of houses and then a playground, on ground that was either grassy or muddy or hard-packed dirt with gravel. So, not what she is used to and she wasn’t very relaxed, but she didn’t play up very much at all.

Actually I did fall off, but I didn’t get hurt. She didn’t like the mud and decided to do a little dance at one point, which pitched me off over her shoulder – however since soft, squishy mud was what set her off, soft and squishy mud was what I landed in. So apart from making me wet and muddy it really wasn’t too bad. I was worried for a minute because by then I’d been riding long enough that my legs were as wobbly as jelly, and there was absolutely no way on earth I was going to be able to get back up on that pony from the ground. I thought for a minute that I was just going to have to walk back home leading her, which would have been embarrassing, but fortunately there are a couple of picnic tables and benches there, so I used one of those to help me get back up.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it on a regular basis though. I really did enjoy it, but it also kind of hurt. Not just in a using-muscles-for-the-first-time-in-forever hurt (although there was that too), but in a spine not liking this position kind of hurt. So I’ll give it a few tries and then make up my mind, because if it’s not going to work out then Caprice will be sold and that should probably happen sooner rather than later.

I came home and had a bath right away, so hopefully that will help alleviate some of the inevitable muscle soreness I will be facing tomorrow!

Miffi and Catherine came for craft this afternoon, which was nice. Miffi did some stamping for cards and Catherine did her cross-stitch. The never-ending cross stitch, she’s been working on this pretty much for as long as we’ve been doing craft, I have no idea what she’ll do when she actually finishes it. I kept going through my photos, deleting…the kids just keep getting smaller and cuter, and I am in love all over again with my crazy Soren boy with his long hair!

I also did my planning for teaching tomorrow. I don’t have to pick Jericho and Soren up on Wednesdays at the moment, Steve or Jean pick them up and then they go over to their place for a play, so I did my planning after craft and then folded up a massive pile of washing before I left for hockey training with Emma. I made us go earlier than usual, so we were actually on time, which was good. Emma played Pokemon Go all the way there, which is mostly seeing how many roadside Pokestops she can grab while I drive (a surprising amount). The weather has been a little bit more mild lately, so I took my knitting to hockey training and did a little while I was watching – I got cold after a while so I stopped, but I got a little bit done. I really want to finish these socks soon.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 17 August 2016

  1. Oh my gosh you are so brace horelseridng…. I hope your not too sore. I was so sore from the gym on monday it hurt when I was wiping down the tables at kinder on Tuesday!!!!
    Ps does Godzilla just stay out me all the time??
    Love elle

  2. You can walk off the stiffness so it doesn’t hurt so much the next day. I used to do this when I was still riding a lot. I’d get back, take off the saddle and lead the horse around until the sweat mark dried. While you’re walking the tight feeling in your legs should get less. It makes it easier to groom the mark off too.

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