Tuesday 16 August 2016

Troy and the boys are making up ridiculous Olympic sports. Troy favours ‘BMX trapshooting’ and Jericho suggested ‘Rhythmic ribbon boxing’. They crack me up sometimes.

The weather was beautiful today, so I went and walked around the lake to enjoy it. I love sunshine when it’s not hot to go with it! The lake was still pretty busy with people playing Pokemon Go, although most of them just pace around the playground where the Pokestops are, rather than walking the track around the lake. I took Luna to the off-leash area again today, the second time I’ve let her. It’s funny, because she just kind of trots along, sniffing the path and occasionally venturing off into the grass, although generally not any further than she might go on the retractable leash. It’s just such a difference to Pedro – I used to go there with him a lot years ago, and he loved it. As soon as I let him go he would just run, preferably with a strange dog for company, occasionally interrupting all that joyous speed with some splashing in the creek, and then running again.

Jericho, Soren and I stopped at the reserve after school today so they could collect stuff at the Pokestop. There’s also a gym there and not only was it blue, but it had a pokemon in it that we could beat. So we took it in turns to train at the gym until we bumped it up a level, and then we could leave one of our pokemon there to help guard it. Jericho and Soren were so happy with this, it was really cute how excited they were.

Troy is currently playing with the settings on our network to see if he can set some limits on it for Nicholai and Emma’s devices. We were both pretty surprised to see that there are/have been sixteen different devices connected to our network! If he does manage to set up the timer then I don’t know if he plans to tell them, or just wants to wait and see what they do when their internet suddenly cuts out, ha ha ha.

I continued my photo cull today, and finished 2015. I think I’m probably cutting it down by about a quarter honestly – I really have NOT been selective about the images I keep!


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