Monday 15 August 2016

I’m doing a serious cull of my photos. I have thousands of them that I’ve taken in the years since I got my digital camera (which I got right at the end of 2005, then it broke almost immediately and I didn’t get it back until a month or two into 2006), and it’s too much. It takes up too much space on my computer, and there is so much crap interspersed with the photos I like that it’s not even that fun to go through them. So I’ve decided to go through it and ruthlessly delete all the excess. So far I’ve done 2016 and about half of 2015 – I really took a LOT of pictures.

Nicholai and Emma had a day off school today, so I made Nicholai go to the shops with me so he could try on a new PE t-shirt before I bought it. I was kind of braced for him to complain about doing this, but he was pretty agreeable. Mostly because he wanted to buy a Bluetooth mouse to use with his laptop, but I’m not going to criticise his motives when it led to such a pleasant outing.

They spent the rest of the day on their devices, which Jericho was not pleased to discover when he came home. But it was a pretty quiet day – it’s a lot different to what it’s like when it’s a primary school day off.

We may have come up with a solution to Nicholai’s sneaking onto the internet at all hours of the day and night. Troy thinks that he can go into the settings on the router or the modem (I didn’t actually pay much attention to the HOW of this plan) and set their internet access to a timer, so they’ll just be cut off of an evening. It will solve the issue of them using it when they’re supposed to be doing something else, and it should avoid the drama of having to actually TELL them that it’s time to stop. Or at least Nicholai. Emma usually puts her devices away without a fuss, but Nicholai doesn’t do it without being told, but then always gets combative when he IS told. I don’t know, we’ll have to see if we can make it work…big kids are hard.


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