Sunday 14th August 2016

Godzilla came out of his hibernation hut today. This seems kind of early, but I suppose we have had a few sunny days recently. Okay, I just went back in my journal and checked, and we didn’t see him until the 12th of September last year.

It was a lovely day today though, and we actually went outside and enjoyed it since we had no football to get to. We drove to Ringwood Lake this morning and went for a walk around that. I went there to play in the playground once or twice when the kids were little, but I’d never really walked around it. It’s a much smaller lake and shorter walk than Lilydale, but it was a pretty walk and nice watching the ducks in the sunshine. Nicholai was less than enthusiastic about a family outing, but he was pretty good once we were there and the other three were quite happy to stroll around catching various pokemon.

I took some photos, although I was pretty disappointed with most of them. I really do love taking photos, and for a while I was able to get shots that I was reasonably happy with, but these days it seems like everything I take is rubbish. I don’t know, part of it is probably that the kids are getting older and are less compliant about posing (and probably less photogenic than when they were adorable little toddlers and pre-schoolers, really) and maybe part of it is just that I don’t take as many so I’m less likely to get something good amongst masses of crap? It probably feeds in to itself – I don’t take as many, so there are less good photos and I feel like I’m hopeless and don’t know why I bother, so I don’t bother to get my camera out and so it goes on. I really should practise though – it’s going to kill me if I go to Indonesia and hate all my photos.

Her hair is SO THICK. That’s why I took this photo – look at that plait. And it’s not like she has some freakishly skinny neck or anything, it’s just that her hair is probably as thick as her wrist.


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