Saturday 13th August 2016

Today was long, but good. I had to wake up earlier than I would have liked (but really, isn’t that most days?!?!), but Jericho needed to be taken to hockey and Troy had to go to the office, so it was on me. I didn’t mind though, the weather was nice and I haven’t seen him play a game for a while. I was really impressed with his team, in the time since I’ve last watched them play a game they’ve actually really come together as a team, and are attempting (and often succeeding with) some good hockey plays. They’re no longer just a bunch of little kids all running around the field in a herd and all trying to score the goals, but they’re big kids starting to play some smart hockey. For all that his team didn’t actually win today, but they didn’t have a goalie and I think they really played pretty well.

Alyssa and Soren came with Jericho and I to the hockey. Soren spent most of the time playing with Alyssa – I think he was rather pleased to have her sole attention. We had stopped at the supermarket on the way and bought lunch, so once hockey was finished the boys ate in the car while we drove to Costco. I didn’t really need to go (although I did pick up some yoghurt, since it was the one thing I forgot last time!) but I have long promised to take Alyssa along and show her the wonders of Costco bulk buys…I think she was suitably impressed. Honestly, as a single person with limited space to store stuff (she sleeps on a futon, so unlike me she has no under the bed space to store 48 rolls of toilet paper and 12 rolls of paper towels and 12 boxes of tissues and 4 tubes of giant toothpaste and boxes of baby wipes/ face wipes/ toilet wipes/disinfectant wipes etc etc etc) I’m not sure if a Costco membership would really be worth it, but it’s still fun to go and look. Jericho and Soren made full use of the samples available (jelly beans/ lentils/ noodles/ pancakes/ mango sorbet/ pepper salmon/ cracker with camembert/ mandarin segments) and were really pretty good about being dragged around. Soren hit his limit eventually, but I really didn’t blame him and then being given giant marshmallows in the car cheered him up again.

Alyssa has moved, so I had to use the satnav to direct us. I love her new apartment – it’s bigger than her old place but just seems to little and cosy and perfect for one person. Well, one person and a cat who didn’t seem to appreciate the boys and I intruding on his space, so he went and hid behind the stove! While we were Alyssa went through her boxes of fabric and yarn and pulled together two bags absolutely crammed full, which she’s given to us to take up to school for making puppets. There’s such a variety there, it’s going to be so good for inspiring all the kids to create their puppets as real characters. Jericho and Soren both found stuff that they specifically want, so we’re going to pull that out and put it in Ziploc bags with their names on it, so they will get it.

Honestly, I haven’t really sewn in probably a couple of years, but looking through all the fabric and seeing Alyssa’s handmade doll with her wardrobe of handmade outfits (which Soren thought was particularly good, while we went through the fabric he sat there and dressed her up in outfits) made me just want to sew again. I don’t even know what I would want to make, I just want to be crafty and make everything! Still, I might just take that desire to be crafty and use it to finish my Game of Thrones knitted socks – they’re looking pretty good and Troy and I DO have some MMA to watch tonight, so that sounds like good knitting time to me.

On the bench. (Or climbing all over the net…same thing I guess?)

Lunchtime companion – Krabby begging for treats.


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