Friday 12th August 2016

I was talking to Jericho yesterday and said something about his face, and he said to me very seriously, “My face is my bread and butter.” I have no idea what he meant by this, but it did rather make me laugh!

I mucked up at school again today. It was the 100 days of school celebration that they do for the preps, but this year it included the grade 1s and 2s as well and I had no idea. As soon as we got to school and Soren saw the other kids dressed up he dissolved into tears. Once again I was grateful for Troy working so close by, because he was able to duck home and grab Soren a costume and make it up to school by the end of circle time. Soren was super happy to be rescued, and he loved his costume – they were supposed to dress up as a member of their family, and so he borrowed Jericho’s hockey clothes so he could be dressed up as Troy. I felt so bad for not having him all ready ahead of time, and so guilty for once again just being a mess.

Although Soren doesn’t really help. I went around the house and collected up all the school jumpers lying around – he has brought home three jumpers that aren’t ours and lost one of the ones he actually owns! I took the outgrown jumpers and tshirts that were still good up to school for the second-hand box and took a jumper in his size from it instead. I’m hoping the one he has lost turns up, but this one will do in the meantime.

We started making our puppets at school today. The kids had to shape the heads out of newspaper and tin foil, which will be covered in papier-mache. After doing a few layers they’ll cut in to it, remove the base newspaper and foil, then do a lot more layers of papier-mache. This should make the heads strong, but hollow and light.

I worked with Jericho’s class first, and it was a bit difficult – he didn’t really understand what she wanted them to do (the puppet lady is lovely, but she’s not a teacher and sometimes isn’t as clear in her instructions as the kids need) and his anxiety got the better of him and he got upset. I didn’t know if me being there was making all this worse, but there wasn’t much I could do but try and help him get through it.

Soren’s class was doing the same thing, but they needed a lot of help. I think his teacher is definitely glad to have me there, and I really like being able to just be the parent helper. Honestly I sometimes think I’d rather be a teacher’s aide than a teacher. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how they go with constructing their puppets over the rest of the term, and I’m glad I’m part of it.

We all went in different directions after school. Nicholai is at the football tonight, so he had to be ready for Steve to pick him up at five. Emmanuella has hockey tonight, so she had to be ready to leave with Troy after work, a little bit after work. I took Jericho and Soren with me and we drove to Lilydale, picked Alyssa up at the train station, and then went to the lake to catch some Pokemon. Considering it was Friday afternoon and the kids are always tired and kind of cranky they did okay sharing the phone to play the game. They caught a new one, and then we went and had Maccas for tea, so they were very happy with their evening. Alyssa is going to stay over tonight and we’ll drive her back after hockey tomorrow – I think that is our only plan for the weekend. No football on Sunday, so we’ll have a free day!

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