Thursday 11 August 2016

Jericho ate a can of cold spaghetti in the car on the way home from hockey training tonight. There are really no words to describe how repulsed I was by this. And boggled…I made a quiche, specifically so that he could have some for tea after hockey, and he chose cold tinned spaghetti instead.

I finished work early today, and got an hour of paid planning time since my classes were half away and half in a muddle. Yay! Honestly, I hardly work for very long as it is, but it still felt like a cool bonus.

I went and walked around the lake. I was rewarded with catching a Golem, who had over 1000 combat points when I caught him and broke out of about twelve great balls before giving up and being consigned to our collection. Jericho and Soren were very impressed with me. I also did the nice thing and shared with some other Pokemon hunting people where to find him – these two guys were pacing around, glued to their phone and trying to track it, and then another girl came over and they were trying to work it out. They were miles away though, it was way over the other side of the carpark and they’d never find it over there (the little thing telling you what is nearby is not exactly a tracking radar of any accuracy) so I made myself ignore my very strong desire to NOT approach people and went and told them. That’s one thing that I quite like about this game, that everyone can catch the same one so people can play together and share.

Emma came home today and told me about having a substitute teacher in health, and having a long lecture about Hitler and the holocaust. She has actually mentioned to me before that the boys in her class are very fond of using the word ‘Jew’ – as an insult, or just a nickname, I don’t even really know – and that she really hates it. Seriously, I don’t even know what’s wrong with people…what the hell makes them think that that is in any way an acceptable way to talk? It has bothered Emma for a while, she is a sensitive little soul, and she read a few of those children’s fiction books about the holocaust that I recommended (Number the Stars and Hitler’s Daughter and a couple of others) so it’s something she and I have talked about before, and something she takes very seriously. Anyway, the teacher caught them at it today and apparently schooled them all very thoroughly on why it’s something they ought to be more sensitive about. I hope it works, but my god teenagers can be such asses. It made me appreciate Nicholai though – he may be going through an obnoxious teenager phase, but at least he’s not a jerk.

I’m already kind of sick of the Olympics and there is still ten more days.


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