Wednesday 10th August 2016

I feel like I walked a million miles today, going for a long walk with Jean and then walking while Emma had hockey training instead of reading or knitting like I usually do. I realise that walking is like the most weakling exercise of all, but even weakling exercise is better than nothing.

I had a psychiatrist appointment this morning, which went well. We’re leaving the medication regime exactly as it is – I’ve been pretty stable for a while, but not long enough that I feel confident enough to change anything, and she agrees. She said she’d like to see me keep it together for a year or so before we look at the medication and see if we can reduce it. It will not be a matter of NO meds for a long time, if ever, but with the liver issues I’ve got it is definitely preferable to be on the smallest possible doses.

I went to Costco after that. We really only needed yoghurt from there, but I thought since I was down there I may as well go and stock up. Which I did, although I managed to forget the yoghurt even though it was the main reason I had gone in the first place! Costco is one of the most annoying places to shop though, there always seems to be an abnormal number of people who act like they are the only ones in the world and don’t seem to care one iota about inconveniencing anyone else. I mean, this woman got her kid a sample and then stood in the aisle, completely blocking it for anyone else, waiting while the child ate the chips. Another group of three women were shopping together and filled up half the aisle by the way they were standing in front of the shelves and yapping away to each other, and left their trolley in such a way that it blocked the other half of the aisle. And then they had the nerve to look all offended when someone asked them to move! It’s always like that there, and it baffles me because I usually don’t see people shop like that anywhere else.

The kids are all good. Jericho and Soren are still in love with playing Pokemon Go and want to do it all the time. I am pretty accommodating to this, because it’s good for me to go outside walking with them and it’s good for them to get outside too. We went to the park the other day and Jericho worked out how to place lure modules at pokestops, but the two of them played on the equipment while I had to keep an eye on the game and call them over whenever a Pokemon appeared. I’ve now walked over 50 kilometres while playing Pokemon Go.

Teaching tomorrow. The seniors are on camp so I’ll have one less class – maybe I’ll finish early.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 10th August 2016

  1. Walking is not a weakling exercise. It’s a really good one!!

    Also, I’m off work till Wednesday with just a Sunday babysitting. Wanna catch up?


    • Yes, that would be fun! If you wanted to come Friday afternoon I could pick you up at the station and we could go catch Pokemon (I’ve promised Jericho I will try and take him to the lake this weekend) and then take you home on Saturday so I can see your new place. Or anything really – we have Friday night and Saturday morning hockey but we can work around that, and I don’t mind if you just want to come for the day or stay over or whatever.

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