Tuesday 9th August 2016

I filled out our census form tonight. The children were very interested in the whole thing, especially Nicholai of course. The joy of statistics. He was quite disappointed that since he’s under fifteen most of the questions didn’t apply to him…I’m sure he would love to give ALL his details and ALL his opinions about everything! Jericho found out how much money I make from teaching each week ($120) and said, all very wide eyed and wondering, “How can you get $120 a week and say we don’t have a lot of money?”

Troy stayed home today. I believe he was supposed to be doing homework, although I cannot say for sure if homework was done. I don’t care, it was just nice to have the company.

I did some planning today. I’m still doing ‘family’ with the little kids so I made up a little story about a pirate family that we can read together. The oldest kids are away on camp, but the middle grades will keep going with sport – we’re going to look up the Indonesian Olympic team and find some information about some of their athletes. They’ve sent twenty-eight people, and so far have won two silver medals in weightlifting, which is quite good. I have a psychiatrist appointment and walking tomorrow, so I thought I ought to work on planning today.

Troy’s been watching a lot of Olympics, and Nicholai is watching and reading everything he can. Emma and Jericho enjoyed watching the hockey on the weekend too. I am not overly interested in it, I must admit, but I watched some horse riding today while Troy had the tv on.

Although at the moment we’re watching a show on SBS called “Russia’s Lost Princesses”, which is a documentary focusing on the four daughters of the last Tsar. I’m pretty familiar with the story, but it’s fascinating to see all the photographs of them (many I’ve seen, some not) and all that early film footage, and hear from the experts about what was going on. I didn’t know it was on, so for once I am glad for Troy’s endless flipping through channels or else I would not have known to watch it!


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