Friday 5th August 2016

Emma has a bye for hockey tonight, so everyone is at home on Friday night for once. We’re making the most of it by having pizza for tea and watching a movie. We borrowed Batman v Superman from the Oovie machine, and we’re watching it as I type this…so far it’s mostly confusing and none of us really know what is going on, ha ha ha. Hopefully we work it out!

I had a good day today. I stayed at school to do the puppet class with Jericho and Soren this morning, and it was really fun. Everyone had to create a character – drawing them on a big piece of paper and surrounding the picture with words describing that character’s likes/dislikes/life etc. This character might be something that the kids decide to use when they create their puppet, if they want to. I created a character with each class, a fairy called Frangipani and a gnome called Old Grumpy.

I really love how creative my kids are though! Jericho’s character was a llama farmer named Pedro, who enjoyed juggling llamas and playing chess and had a robotic arm for extra usefulness. Soren’s character was called Professor Blueberry Pie and he had blueberry pie for a head that could grow back if someone took a piece out of it. He had several sons, and the oldest was called Meat Pie and the youngest was called Apple Pie. There is also a son called Mango Pie, but he is not popular. He also has a mini quiche called Quichey that runs about the place and is the family pet. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for their actual puppets.



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