Thursday 4th August 2016

Welp, no wonder Nicholai holds me in such high esteem. He was supposed to go on an excursion today, and because I suck I hadn’t signed the consent form or paid for it. So he had to spend the day with another year 8 class, doing nothing. Even worse – it was without his ipad. He’d left it at home because they weren’t allowed to take them on the excursion. I think he’s spent all day bored and building up a righteous rage against me.

I’m really tired tonight. I taught this morning, which was hard. So hard that I actually bought myself some lunch (McDonald’s currently have a chicken burger with bacon and pineapple and I wanted to try it) and went and sat in the sun at the lake to eat it while I read. Then I took a somewhat lengthy stroll around catching Pokemon before I had to get back to pick up the children.

I took Jericho to hockey training tonight. They joined up with all the Hook into Hockey kids and played a game – they had so many kids playing that they used the whole field instead of half.


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