Monday 1st August 2016

Wow, I can’t believe it is August. This year is going by so fast!

Lots of rain today. Troy drove the kids to school so I got to sleep in, which I very much appreciated. He brought the van back at lunchtime, so I got to have lunch with him – I always like doing that, just because I love having his company.

He drove back to the office (so he could fill his car up before he went to hockey) and I went with him and then walked from the office to the supermarket to buy bread. I then walked in circles around the park so that I could collect pokeballs from the pokestops. All the pokemon are fighting back when we try to catch them now, so our supply of pokeballs is constantly being eroded. I didn’t catch anything fun, but I traded in all our duplicate pokemons for candies and powered up and evolved some, which met with Jericho and Soren’s approval when they came home.

Troy has hockey tonight, so that’s going to be pretty wet and cold for him. But he’ll be able to try out the new stick and glove he got on Saturday, so I guess that’s good.

I am starting to get very, very annoyed at Nicholai’s very underwhelming level of respect for me. I know, he’s a teenager and I shouldn’t take it personally, but it’s hard not to when it seems specifically directed at me rather than equally at Troy and I! It’s so frustrating sometimes. I mean, he was moaning about how unfair it was that I told him to put his ipad in ipad jail, and how we just think he’s going to be using it all the time…dude, YOU POSTED ON FACEBOOK WHEN YOU HAD SAID GOODNIGHT TO US AND WERE SUPPOSEDLY ASLEEP IN BED!!!!


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