Sunday 31 July 2016

It was Nicholai’s last game of the home and away season today. He kicked a goal and was put in the ruck and got a hit out – I don’t know what this madness is! They won by a lot though, so it was a great game for him all round. They will play a final next week and if they win they will continue on, if they lose they will be out.

Since Troy was driving Jericho and his friends to the movies for his birthday, I had to take Nicholai to football and Soren had to come with me. He didn’t mind though, not with the prospect of playing Pokemon Go once we got there. It really is great for this kind of situation. While Nicholai’s team did all the pre-game whatever they do, Soren and I walked towards town, catching pokemon on the way, and then spent a little bit of time walking between the three pokestops to collect more pokeballs. We’re having a hard time keeping up supply – the pokemon are becoming more difficult to catch and they keep escaping our pokeballs so we’re using more up – so Soren ignored all the zubats and pidgeys and just kept collecting. Once he was bored of doing that we walked back to the oval. It was a gym and a pokestop, so Soren and I each did a couple of battles (it was a gym for our team) and then sat down and read the books that we’d brought and collected from the pokestop every time it came back up for us.

Jericho’s birthday treat of going to the movies with his friends went pretty well. He invited three boys but one couldn’t go, so it was just him and two others to go with Troy. They went and saw Ghostbusters and Jericho really liked it. I asked Troy how it went and he just gave me such a funny look and said, “the movie was good and ten year old boys are crazy”. Yeah, pretty much!

The kids were all so tired tonight though. Well, with the possible exception of Emma who didn’t get dressed all day – unless she has to go somewhere she really prefers to just slob around in her pyjamas all day. It’s one of those things that I find unreasonably irritating, but I do realise that that is just my issue! If there’s no reason to make her get dressed she can do whatever she wants.

I planted the two succulents I bought at Bunnings in proper pots this morning, and re-potted a couple of old ones. I really do like growing them, the range of different plants just makes it so interesting.

And since I don’t know the last time I put a picture of me on this journal, here is a photo of me and the dog.


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