Saturday 30th July 2016

I hate jokes. I hate them. I like to laugh and I enjoy things that are funny and that make me laugh, but jokes are not one of them. But tonight I went to dinner with Troy’s family and I was forced to listen to an excruciating amounts of jokes so stupid it wasn’t even worth rolling my eyes.

Blah. Going to dinner with Troy’s whole family is always like this. It’s like a psychological ordeal where we have to debrief when we come home. We get home, send the kids to bed, and then spend at least half an hour telling each other all the asinine and unbelievable things we heard/ saw/ thought about from his family and ranting and raving about it.

Anyway, apart from several things, it wasn’t a bad night! We were all together to celebrate Jericho’s birthday, since turning ten is special. We had dinner and sang happy birthday, and then the kids took their torches and played outside. Jean got April to make the cake and she made a Pokeball, which looked really good and was so perfect for Jericho!

The rest of the day was okay. I slept in, which was very good because it’s been a while and I’ve been really tired. Housework and stuff filled in what was left of the morning, and then we had lunch and the kids paid some poker chips for electronics. Troy and Jericho got home from the hockey pretty late (it was a 11.45 game in Dandenong) but Jericho’s team had had a win, so he was happy.

Troy and I went to Bunnings then, and Soren and Jericho came with us so they could play Pokemon Go, since when I went to Bunnings the other day it was full of them. It didn’t work out so well this time. Jericho was all anxious and stressed about sharing it and they kept looking at the phone instead of looking where they were going. They then used up all the Pokeballs, so it was something of a disaster really! They were whiny and I was grinding my teeth with suppressed rage, so no one really had a good time. We got what we needed though, and then walked to Amart sports so Troy could buy a new hockey glove and stick.

We stopped at the park on the way home and the boys ran around and collected items at all the Pokestops. I taught them to say “Joe Joe from Kokomo, make me get some pokeballs” to give them luck, which they thought was kind of hilarious, so we all felt better after that.

Emma’s “ponytails” for a Crazy Hair day at school.


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