Wednesday 27th July 2016

It was another cold day today. There was a bit of rain this morning, but it fortunately cleared up by the early afternoon so Jean and I could still go for a walk. We went to Lilydale lake, which is one of my favourite walks – it always reminds me of walking there with baby Nicholai and Pedro years ago. It is also the place where I was busy chatting on the phone one day, turned away for a moment and then turned back to see Nicholai’s pram hurtling down the hill towards the water, ha ha ha! I just shrieked and ran after him and then had to explain to the person I was on the phone with what had happened (Elle or Ben? I can’t remember, it was one of them though.)

Anyway, the walk was nice, and it was absolutely amazing how many people there were walking around the lake with their phones out playing Pokemon Go! It was like a weekend, there were that many people there. Except a kind of weird, backwards weekend because there were no little kids there and the average age was probably about 21. Not that I’m criticising, since I was playing it too – I hatched an egg and caught about seven new ones that we hadn’t had before, so it was very successful. I told Jean all about it and she was fascinated – it’s not something that I think she and Steve will take up on their own or anything, but at least now she’ll know what the kids are talking about.

I did my planning for school tomorrow. We’re still working on family in the early grades and sport for the older kids. I’ve got a family tree thing for the little ones to do and the big kids can finish their word searches from last week or play Pictionary with the names of sports.

I took Emma to hockey training tonight, and we talked pretty much all the way there and back. I told her a few stories about her when she was little, and she told me about what’s been going on at school. She’s not feeling as settled and happy with her friends as she has been, which is slightly concerning. She doesn’t seem unhappy, but she was talking about the way she is friends with all the girls but not really feeling like anyone specifically seeks her out. She’s very mature for her age and quite serious, and I don’t think she’s found friends that are similar. As I said, I don’t think she’s particularly unhappy or worried about this, but I guess it’s something I want to keep tabs on.


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