Tuesday 26th July 2016

Pokemon Go really is somewhat addicting. I went to Bunnings to buy a new towel rail this morning and when I got there I turned the game on, just to add to the distance walked that allows us to hatch our eggs. I really meant to just turn the game on and then ignore it as I shopping…but Bunnings was full of Pokemon and I had to catch them all! I caught thirteen, and four unique ones for our Pokedex, which was an excellent haul. Jericho and Soren certainly approved of my efforts when I told them about it after school, but I can’t help feeling slightly ashamed of myself.

Apart from shopping this morning (I bought a towel rail and two cacti at Bunnings, and a phone charging cable and some cleaning wipes at Officeworks) I didn’t do a great deal through the day. I chatted online for a while when I was doing some planning, and worked on my socks for a little while too. It was pretty cold.

Jericho, Soren and I went on a Pokemon walk after school. We walked down to the main street and then along that and up to the park to get all the pokestops, collecting Pokemons along the way. We weren’t the only ones doing it, we saw a couple of pairs of older guys at the park and walking up and down the main street. It’s kind of funny, I obviously think it’s a fun game and it’s great for anyone to play, but two twenty year old guys slinking around the main street and the kids’ playground while being glued to their phones do like kind of shifty! Jericho and Soren are doing really well at sharing it too, I have to remind Jericho to give Soren turns but today they took it in turns to get the items at the pokestops and then took it in turns to catch any that appeared – it’s really nice to see them doing this game together and being kind to each other. We ended up walking up to the office just before five and walking home with Troy, which was nice for him.

I have to finish my planning tomorrow and go walking with Jean. We’re going to the lake, so hopefully the weather will cooperate, unlike last time when we got there and just had to turn around and come home.

I’m sorry I’m so boring about Pokemon Go at the moment. It’s just that apart from that I’ve been very tired and very cold – not much to write about there!


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