Monday 25 July 2016

It was a cold day today. Quite a lovely day for sitting inside and knitting, which is what I did! Less lovely for Troy, who is out playing hockey in weather that has gone from extremely cold to extremely cold plus raining.

I started the cable pattern on my Game of Thrones socks, after doing the toes on the weekend. It was a slow start – I love cables, but doing them on 2mm needles is very fiddly, and until I’ve worked enough for the cable pattern to become obvious I have to pay a lot of attention to what I’m doing. I am also using a pattern chart for the first time (I’ve only ever used a chart for colourwork, which is completely straightforward) and that is kind of different. I had to colour code it because the cable directions involve either three or four stitches, and since it’s a six strand braid the cable pattern squares are all right next to each other, so it was really confusing. Colour coding them have at least made it readable to me, so that’s a good start!

I really hope these socks work out. I chose two different colourways of Knitpicks Felici yarn to make a pair, inspired by the fire and ice references in Game of Thrones. One sock is made from the ‘Beyond the Wall’ yarn, which is all greys and pale ice blues, and the other is called ‘Sunset’ and is purple and gold and orange, so they really do seem to represent both sides!

The electrician came over again today and fixed the power to the shed. Luckily for us it didn’t require digging up the whole underground pipe it’s laid in – apparently you can tie the new cable to the old one and then use the old cable to just pull the new one through, which sounds fairly nifty. We’ll be able to plug our rodent deterrent back in now, and get rid of any rats or mice that have moved back in over the months that it wasn’t in use!

Jericho, Soren and I played more Pokemon Go today. I am such a sucker! But we discovered this morning that the reserve near the school is a Pokestop and a gym, so after I picked them up after school I said we could stop and grab the Pokestop items. In doing so we levelled up to level 5 and can now access the gyms, so I then had to let them do a battle. We were completely smashed, I think our top rated Pokemon had 119 combat points and the Pokemon we were fighting had over a thousand, so we were utterly crushed. The boys didn’t mind, they were just excited that they’d had a battle. We stopped at the lawn place to grab the items from that Pokestop, and then they caught some Pokemons outside IGA. The glitchiness of the game can be frustrating (it crashed out a couple of times while we were at the gym, and then it froze up completely when we were at IGA and couldn’t be restarted at all) but the boys are having fun with it. I’m actually enjoying doing it with them too – I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about the game in the beginning, but I think it’s really cleverly done and I like that it’s something we can easily do together.

Well, not with Nicholai, because he is a teenager and thus does nothing but sneer at things other people enjoy. (Apart from sport, which he follows with the fervour you’d normally associate with evangelical Christianity or something). He is driving me mad with his obnoxious hipster attitude! Everything that anyone who isn’t him gets excited about or interested in seems to be worthy of scorn. Just because it’s enjoyed by the masses doesn’t mean it’s garbage! Yes, people are often idiots, but sometimes the things that are popular are popular because they’re fun! Like Pokemon Go! Stop judging everything, especially things you have never actually experienced! Aarjghsljs!!



2 thoughts on “Monday 25 July 2016

  1. I hope you’re Team Mystic….. Any rates, work on levelling up – that way you get access to bigger and better Pokemon. And Lilydale Lake is the new hotspot for Dratini.

    I too am addicted. I took a walk along southbank this evening to catch as many Magikarp as possible.

    Also, I should get a life. But it’s hard when there’s a pokestop I can access while sitting at my desk at work.

    • You don’t need a life – you just need to come and visit and play Pokemon with us!

      The boys are super impressed with you being able to access a pokestop at work, and now they are really wanting me to take them to the lake…might try on the weekend I guess.

      It is pretty addicting though. I turned it on when I went shopping this morning, just to add the walking distance to our incubating eggs, but then Bunnings was so full of Pokemon I just kept catching them, and trying to look like I wasn’t, lol. I got four new ones there though, so very worth it!

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