Saturday 23rd July 2016

My advice for someone who decides to try and be the fun mum and download Pokemon Go for her offspring to play? Perhaps don’t rely on it for navigation in a strange area – because if you do it might freeze up and refuse to work, and then you will potentially walk in the wrong direction and possibly wind up lost, and the child who is supposed to be having fun may begin crying and dragging his feet in misery, and you could possibly have to end up calling your husband for rescue.

See if your Pokemon are any good to you then!

The worst part about this disastrous foray into the world of Pokemon Go? We only caught ONE Pokemon!

Really, I have to say it was a pretty dreadful introduction to the game. I went with Troy to Jericho’s hockey, my idea being that while Jericho played, Soren and I would go for a walk and he could catch some Pokemon and have a little play with the game. I thought this might work well because then Soren would actually get a turn without Jericho continually telling him what to do and snatching the phone out of his hands (general issue we’ve been having lately – Jericho has a tendency to treat Soren like his personal servant), and then in the afternoon we could go for a walk around town and Jericho could have a turn.

So once Jericho’s game started, Soren and I started the game and walked off. I thought there would be Pokemon scattered everywhere, but we actually had to walk quite a way before one appeared. We caught him though, so we thought we were off to a good start! There was a gym marked on our map so we walked towards that, but we weren’t experienced enough to do anything there, and despite hearing that there were often stray Pokemons to be found near gyms, there wasn’t anything. But we could see a Pokestop marked on our map from there, so we walked over to that and got three Pokeballs and an egg. This is when it all went down hill, because despite leaves flying up right under our little character’s feet, which should have meant a Pokemon was there, nothing happened. So we turned off the game and restarted it…except it wouldn’t start. And so we did not have a handy electronic map guiding me back to the hockey field. And instead of walking back the way we had come, we walked a different way. And walked, and walked, and walked… Eventually we hit a primary school and a road where I knew where I was and roughly where I had to go to get back to the hockey, so although by this point Soren had kind of started crying I thought we’d be okay. Except that they were doing some kind of earthworks and the way we needed to walk was completely blocked off! I gave up then – walking around the earthworks would have been a really long way round, and I just didn’t think I could drag Soren along that long. It had already been over an hour. So we walked back to the primary school and sat in the playground and I called Troy. The hockey game had just finished so, after laughing at my predicament a little bit, he told me to sit down and relax and he’d come and get us. Soren cheered right up then and had fun on the playground while we waited, so it all ended fairly nicely, although I couldn’t believe we’d done all that for ONE lousy Pokemon!

I was ready to give up on the game, quite frankly, but as we were driving home it suddenly started working again and there was a Pokemon right there on my lap in the car! So I caught him and then caught two more almost instantly at the petrol station.

I was just…I walked for over an hour for ONE, and then I sat in my car and caught three in a row???

This afternoon we went for a walk around town here so that Jericho could have a turn. This was much more enjoyable and successful – we caught a couple just on the footpath and then there were three Pokestops in the park and more Pokemon there, and then we caught a couple in IGA too as we bought what we needed for tea. There were several Pokestops in the main street too, so they visited those on the walk home. Apart from walking home in the rain, it was a lot more fun than this morning’s trek! Jericho and Soren even managed to share all the catching of Pokemon and the collecting of goods at the Pokestops, and they were really excited about finding the different Pokemon that they know from their cards.


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