Friday 22nd July 2016

Another Friday night with Emma and Troy out at her hockey game, and me and the boys at home. After several days in a row of nice weather the cold and rain moved in again today, so it’s looking pretty miserable out there for her tonight. Fingers crossed they get a win.

I stayed at school this morning to help out with their artist in residence program. They have a lady coming in on Fridays to work with the kids doing some puppet making and puppetry activities, and it’s sounded quite interesting. I mentioned that I might like to stay (especially given the importance of puppetry in Indonesia, it could be interesting and relevant) and Hayley immediately organised for her class and Kylie’s class to go one after the other, so I can stay from the start of school to recess and join in with Jericho’s and then Soren’s class. So I did that today, although they weren’t actually making puppets so it wasn’t as good as last week was apparently! I think Jericho and Soren like me being there, and I actually like spending time with all the kids I teach when I’m just kind of casually helping out. It’s interesting to see them in a different context. I think the puppetry goes on all term, although I’m not sure of that.

The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. I don’t know, I’m not writing this here because I want everyone to get concerned and ring me up (really, please don’t do that), but I am not feeling as steady and stable recently. I’m getting completely enraged about stuff that shouldn’t be bothering me to anything like that degree, and then getting all edgy and anxious, and it’s just…not good. I feel like control is slipping and I don’t like it. I have a psychiatrist appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so I guess I need to do what I can to make it through until then.

I downloaded Pokemon Go onto my phone tonight. (Which precipitated a bout of nearly uncontrollable rage when the stupid thing didn’t work!) I was a bit hesitant, since it seems like the kind of thing that is destined to end in tears, although whether from me or the boys, I’m not sure! But Jericho and Soren have loved Pokemon for a long time, and even though they didn’t ask for it I knew they’d be really happy and excited to play it. So I downloaded it tonight and we got it set up so that it’s all ready for us to have a play with it tomorrow and see how they like it

Emma has signed up on the Pottermore website and been sorted, and she’s a Hufflepuff.


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