Wednesday 20th July 2016

I really do love Jericho’s way of thinking. He was telling me, on the way home from school, that they had sexual education today and they had to draw a picture of themselves now, and themselves in ten years. Soren asked him if he drew himself with stubble and big muscles in the future. Jericho said that they were more looking at what they are thinking about now and what they would be thinking about in ten years. He said he drew himself now with a thought cloud that had Pokemon and llamas and a hockey stick and school. He said he drew himself in ten years with a thought cloud that had a hockey stick in it, some dollar signs, and a llama with a rope halter on it “because that’s how I make money, by walking people’s llamas. Oh, and I also have a moustache in ten years.” I love him.

I am finding the world so hard to deal with at the moment. I just about had a breakdown this morning over the stupidity of other parents not using the drop-off zone at school correctly! Seriously people – it’s not hard! The clue is in the name…drop-off…it means drop off your kid! It doesn’t mean park there and walk into the school! It doesn’t mean get out there and leap out of the car to act as your kid’s personal chauffeur and valet, opening and closing their door and putting their bag on their back! If your kid needs your help, then you park in the carpark and help, you don’t get in the drop off lane and hold everyone else up! I spent seven years parking the car to let the kids out, because I didn’t have kids that could undo their seatbelts, get out of the car, and then shut the door unassisted. So now that I can I want to make use of this lovely drop-off lane and not get held up!

Ugh, I don’t know. Then tonight I was at hockey and listening to some other parents near me talking and it was just excruciating. I mean, mocking some poor kid with Aspergers who goes to their kids’ school? Then slagging off the specialist teachers for copying and pasting school reports. Then gossiping and bitching about other school parents. (And this was a man and a woman, fwiw) It just depressed me – is this what people are like?

I had craft today, which was nice though. I coloured in some posters for the Indonesian room and we talked a bit. I’m working on the green baby blanket I was knitting for KOGO again, which has been ignored while I was doing the sock knitting. The green blanket is going to take ages, but I honestly don’t care. It’s for donation, it’s not like there’s a deadline.

The children had an awards assembly at the high school yesterday. Nicholai won an award for ‘Outstanding Attendance’, because he hasn’t missed a day. For some reason this made me laugh so much.


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