Tuesday 19 July 2016

After putting up with leaky taps and dodgy electricity in the shed for months, we woke up to no lights in the house this morning and were therefore forced to act like grown ups and hire tradespeople to come to our house. The plumber came and replaced two taps and then left. The electrician came and fixed the electricity issue in the house but said that the shed problem was probably due to a fault in the line that runs from house to shed. Unfortunately, fixing that is probably going to require digging, so not something that could be dealt with today.

I hate house repairs, which is probably pretty obvious when you consider how long it always takes me to actually get around to doing anything for a non-emergency issue. When Jericho came home from school and I told him about all the repairs he asked me, “Were you starting to feel like the Hecks (from the tv show The Middle) since nothing in our house ever works properly?”

He obviously has low expectations of us though. He got himself a drink out of the new mixer tap in the kitchen, which turned off without leaking and needing to be turned to an extremely precise location to minimise the drips, and said to me in great tones of surprise, “Wow, this new tap really is quite functional.” Not good or anything, he’s just impressed that it’s “functional”!

Not much else happened today. I went and bought food for the guinea pigs and the dog, and then came home to do housework and wait for tradies. You would really think we had twelve cats with the amount of cat fur I vacuumed up today, but it’s just Ootchy, who scatters fur around the house like it’s confetti.


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