Sunday 17th July 2016

Another sport-filled weekend over and done with. Not the most successful lot of games either, Nicholai and Jericho both lost and Emma had a 0-0 draw.

I took Soren with me to hockey on Saturday morning. I just don’t feel comfortable leaving Nicholai and Emma to look after him at the moment. Maybe when they’re all a bit older. Soren didn’t mind too much in the end, he had Jericho keeping him company in the car, and while Jericho played and I knit he sat beside me and had me tell him all about when he was born and when he was a baby. He loves his story about being born in the car! When he was the VIP for his classroom a couple of weeks ago he took his Born at Home onesie and told everyone about being born in the car.

I never mind telling the kids stories about when they were little. I really loved them all so much and thought they were all so beautifully amazing, that it’s always nice for me to remember and tell them about it.

Troy had appointments in the morning and then they interviewed a couple of people for employment purposes, so he didn’t get home until the middle of the afternoon. He was only home for a couple of hours, then he went to Brett’s house. They played on the x-box and he got all the family gossip, which wasn’t that much. Brett is apparently going to trade school to become an arborist. (Well, at least a person who can cut down trees with chainsaws, I don’t know if he is going the whole hog and learning to grow them and diagnose and treat tree diseases and things like that). I find this baffling. I mean, I know he likes chainsawing stuff up, but I thought that was just a hobby. Usually I am all about people finding a job that they really life if possible, but he only qualified as a nurse about six years ago so this seems a very odd turn of events.

But then, I find everything they do and odd and worthy of criticism, so I suppose take that for what it’s worth.

Anyway, Troy came home and we still had time to watch UFC, which is always a satisfying end to a Saturday night.

I’ve ordered the next size up circular needles for sock knitting. Of course as soon as I’d confirmed the order I became convinced that a .25mm difference will be negligible and I should have ordered the needles that were .5mm larger. I really have to just relax. This is a hobby. Knitting the socks is fun, and if they don’t fit me…well, they’ll fit somebody, and that person will have a happier day when they get a new pair of socks than they otherwise would have had. Why should I worry? (Okay, perhaps the $15 of sock yarn included in said pair of socks is a matter of slight concern, my knitting budget is hardly infinite).

The kids were super annoying today. I have no idea why. It was just one of those random days when I wanted to bang their heads together and send them all to their rooms.


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