Friday 15 July 2016

I had a text from the high school yesterday. When I looked at it on the screen, all I could see was “A lockdown took place at school during third period today…” So I immediately start panicking, thinking that there’s a crazed gunman or deadly gas leak or something, and tap for the rest of the message…they had a lockdown because there was a kangaroo in the playground. They had to call in the rangers to catch it, so the children all had to stay inside. I have to admit, I laughed at myself a lot – definitely not a situation that called for panic.

Teaching went well yesterday. I was very excited when I got into my room and saw that Sandra had painted and put in a shelf unit for me, so all the kids’ books, all the pencil cups and the glue sticks and erasers and greylead pencils are all stacked on shelves now, instead of being lined up in a row on the floor under the whiteboard. It looks so much neater and organised, I love it! I love having an Indonesian room.

A tragedy has occurred with my sock knitting. I have suspected that my pink socks were going to be a little bit small for a while, but when I tried them on they went on without any real drama so I figured they would be okay, and probably stretch a bit once they were finished and being worn. However today I turned the heels (both of them, one at time) and…they are very, definitely, too small.

I was so sad! It also left me with the dilemma of what to do – do I grit my teeth and rip them out, reknitting them in a larger size? Or do I keep on knitting them and give them to Emma, since her feet are roughly the same size as mine but a little bit smaller? In the end I decided I should give them to Emma, since I couldn’t bear the thought of ripping out so much hard work. The downside of knitting socks two at a time I guess!

It has also made me think I might need to get the next size up knitting needles (I currently use 2mm) which would give me a slightly bigger sock with the same number of stitches, since the stitch pattern on the sock works with 64 total stitches. It’s a 16 stitch pattern repeat too, so I can’t exactly whack an extra pattern repeat in there without the sock getting too big.

Troy and Emma are off at hockey tonight. Her game was in Frankston at 6pm, so Troy had to leave work early to take her since it would take so long to drive there. He has to work tomorrow morning (I hate tax season) so I will have to take Jericho to his game. I don’t know about taking Soren or not – I’m fine leaving him home with Emma or Nicholai for short periods of time, but I don’t know how comfortable I am with the three of them home alone for four hours or so.

Troy’s brother also wants him to go over to their house and play x-box. He couldn’t go tonight because of hockey, and tomorrow is Saturday and Troy and I always watch MMA and I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the idea of giving that away for Brett, of all people! But if we eat tea a little bit early and watch MMA a little bit late he can go and play for a couple of hours in between I guess. Troy didn’t sound all that enthused about going though, so we’ll see.

I’ll have to go to sleep early tonight – I got sucked in to watching Titanic last night and that’s the longest movie in the history of the world, I was exhausted today after staying up so late.


2 thoughts on “Friday 15 July 2016

  1. I hope you have a lovely weekend and that is a total bummer about your socks!!!!! I think I watched till the first add in titanic then turned it off so I wouldn’t stay up too late…… But then I went to bed and stayed up late anyway!!!😴😴I hope the kids win hockey too
    Love Elle

  2. Did you know that the movie was actually longer than the time it took the Titanic to actually sink. I watched a bit and then remembered I actually have the DVD so headed to bed. Love you Mum

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