Tuesday 12th July 2016

Today was an extremely cold and windy day. I was quite dreading having to go out to pick up the children from school, but at least the rain held off for ten minutes while I walked in to school and collected them. It gave me a chance to test out my new thermal leggings from Aldi, they’re really soft and warm, but a bit big so I’m just hoping that they’ll shrink a little bit when I throw them in the dryer.

The wind blew a whole string of green balloons into our backyard. It was just so funny to get into the driveway and be confronted by a long string of balloons decorating the trees in the side of the yard! Jericho and Soren played with the balloons for a bit and then threw them back over the neighbour’s fence – they had a party on the weekend so we figured that’s where they must have come from.

I did a bit of planning and a bit of cooking today. I have to start new topics with all the grades this week, so that’s a lot of work and I struggled to feel very inspired today. I’ll have to get on with it tomorrow.

I had yarn delivered today (for making more socks) and a hoodie that we’d ordered for Jericho’s birthday. It’s green, and says I (heart) My Llama on the front of it. I don’t know where his love of llamas came from, but at least it gave me something to buy him for his birthday.

I am really, really tired today. I need an early night.


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