Monday 11 July 2016

The kids went back to school today. It was straight back into the regular routine for the primary school boys and Emma, but Nicholai started term 3 with a “Health and Wellbeing” day. I asked him what constituted health and wellbeing and he said he learned how to tie a tie, listened to a former AFL player who had too many concussions and retired, and participated in something called the resilience program.

I drove the little boys to school and then went shopping. I bought new sneakers and school shoes for Soren since his ones have fallen apart. I was actually able to buy him a pair of black boots to wear to school which I was very happy about – since the child never does up his shoelaces, a pair of shoes that doesn’t even have laces seem ideal.

I also bought a book to give Jericho for his birthday. It’s a How to Train Your Dragon one, and I hope he likes it. He is definitely at that awkward stage when it comes to buying him books, since he’s ready for the greater length and complexity of teen fiction but not necessarily ready for plots aimed at older readers. It’s also frustrating that so many books are part of a series now! I mean, I love a good book series, but it would have been nice to have a little more choice in stand-alone novels. I suppose I should have gone to a proper bookshop.

I also went to the supermarket, but since I had somehow managed to lose the shopping list in between home and the shop I had no idea what to buy. So I bought twelve litres of milk and six litres of juice and came home.

I also bought Luna a new dog bed to replace the falling apart one, and she’s spent most of the day looking quite comfortable and smug as she lounges around on it in her crate.

Soren was quite happy and chipper when I picked him up from school, but by the time tea was ready he was wilting under a blanket on the couch. He ate about three bites and then he voluntarily cleaned his teeth and went straight to bed. He was very red cheeked and quite warm – I’m hoping he was just tired after a busy day back at school and will bounce back in the morning, rather than him actually coming down with something.

I was looking at some old day in the life photos with the kids tonight, and I found this picture, which has always been one of my favourites of all four of them. My babies!


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