Sunday 10th July 2016

School holiday maths homework being done at 8pm on the last Sunday night…yep, we’re all destined for success here.

The kids have finished their holidays on a high though. The zoo yesterday, then a sleepover at Grandma and Pop’s house last night, and football for Nicholai today while the other three went to the movies to see The BFG with Grandma. After two weeks of doing almost nothing, this was a fun little flurry of activity for the last weekend.

My day was lovely. Had a bit of a sleep in, then after I got up I had a shower and ate breakfast and then Troy and I drove to the Bayswater Hotel to watch UFC 200. It’s where we went to watch it last time and I wanted to go back there since it was so comfortable sitting on the couch and doing my knitting while the fights were on! This time we got there in time to grab the couch and also watch a few of the preliminary fights I was interested in seeing. Rather than eat in the bistro we had bar food, and shared a pizza and some wedges and chips while we were watching, and it was just really fun. It’s nice to hang out with Troy somewhere different to our loungeroom once in a while!

The worst bit of the day was that the broadcast went all glitchy during the main fight! We saw them start the fight and circle each other for a bit, a couple of hits, and then the broadcast went back to the start, had some static, rewound…it was only a short time, but we got back to the fight Miesha Tate was covered in blood and tapped out almost right afterwards, so we’d missed the turning point of the fight.

Although nothing seems less MMA-fan than knitting a pair of pink lace socks while you’re watching, that’s what I did. It mostly worked out okay, although I did have to do a bit of un-knitting when I got too caught up in what I was watching and messed up the pattern. I’m going to love these socks! I also love doing two at a time and think it’s definitely worth the extra work in untangling yarn every now and again while I’m knitting. The only thing about doing two at a time is that it seems so slow, but of course when I’m looking at it thinking I’ve only knitted two inches I’ve done that twice, so it’s much better than it first appears.

I’m honestly really sad that the holidays are over. Holidays never used to be very easy in our house, but they’ve just got better as the kids have got older. I would love another week or two!


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