Saturday 9th July 2016

I’m sitting alone in my house, relishing the quiet after two weeks of family togetherness over the holidays!

We went to the zoo today, which was great. The weather couldn’t have been better, and despite the crowd we managed to see a lot and have fun. We wandered around until the kids started getting tired legs and asking to go home, and then we left. No dramas, just a lovely time.

We did seem to be the only family dragging obnoxious teenagers along. And oh my god was the teenager being obnoxious! His snarky comments! His know-it-all attitude! His habit of riling up the smaller children! It’s like he can’t say anything without it being sarcastic. At one point I asked him if he wanted a lolly and he said, “Do you really think I would say no?” and I just burst out, “For the love of god, would you just say yes! Stop being sarcastic about everything!” I think I quite surprised him. I have the feeling that these teenage years are going to sorely test my patience.

Although I have to say that the lollies were Sovereign Hill red lollies! They sell them at the zoo now! Really, it almost made up for not being able to go there the other day, since we got the deliciousness of their red lollies anyway.

Troy has taken the kids over to his parents’ house for a sleepover, and then he’s going to the office to install new software and rollover their end of financial year stuff. Something like that anyway. Tomorrow Troy and I are going to go and watch UFC 200 before we pick up the children. I’m looking forward to it – hanging out with Troy and knitting and watching people get the crap kicked out of them in the octagon…what could be more fun?

My favourite animal photo for the day – a red panda in the tree above our heads.


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