Thursday 7th July 2016

These holidays seem to be going by quite quickly now. I love having nothing to do – I only go to work once a week, but I guess I don’t realise how much time I actually spend thinking about it and planning until I don’t have to do it.

We’ve been doing a lot of the same things – dvds, computer, Wii, ipad, trampoline, drawing, knitting, eating, playing outside, writing, reading…nothing exciting, but still enjoyable. I occasionally feel like I should be making more of an effort do DO something, but the kids are just so relaxed and getting along so well I’m really hesitant to do anything to disturb that! Soren did get to go to his friend Vincent’s house yesterday, and Miffi came over for craft with her two kids. Her oldest, Rachel, really wanted to see Jericho’s guinea pigs (she has two of her own) plus she crochets so she was happy to do craft too. Her kids didn’t really interact with mine, but they watched a dvd and were happy enough while Miffi and I did some craft.

I’ve been working on my first effort at knitting socks two at a time, and after I got past the initial awkwardness of yarn dangling off everywhere they’ve been coming along splendidly. In a way it probably wouldn’t actually have been too difficult to make these ones match – I’m doing a sort of lace pattern, so it would have been possible to count repeats to make them the same – but doing them at the same time just feels so tidy and efficient! The only downside is that if I discover the socks don’t fit, I’ve got twice as much to rip out and restart.

Emma had hockey training last night and Jericho had it tonight, even though neither of them have a game this weekend. I have to say that the driving felt like a chore this week, and it was really cold just sitting there and reading. They both had fun though, since there weren’t as many kids as usual both of them got to play games during training which is always better than doing drills!


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